Battle Rice


After last night’s Top Chef finale, I am so excited that today is the Campus Dining Iron Chef competition. Michael, my friend Gwen and I have been paired with a professional campus chef, Jeremy Elmore. Officials told us on Friday that today will be Battle Rice. They will have certain rices available to us, such as brown basmati and red Himalayan, and some standard ingredients. The others we will bring ourselves.

Five teams have one hour to do all prep and cooking for two dishes to be served to five judges. We’ve decided to do Indian food, which will be judged on taste, creativity and appearance.

This weekend, Michael and I

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tested out some sauces. On Tuesday night our whole team got together and cooked both dishes. We’ve decided to make some adjustments,

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but I think we’re ready to go. We have two sophisticated dishes full of flavor. The biggest issue will be time and the limited amount of space to work at. An 8-foot table, I think.

If you’re in Columbia, the competition is 4:30 in downstairs Bingham (the area between Schurz and Hatch residence halls). It should be aired on MUTV as well. But we’ll have a big update here after we win, so don’t worry.

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  1. I thought you guys might be in Columbia! I spent five years there doing my Ph.D. It’s such a great town and we really miss the city and a lot of friends who are still there. Enjoy it. And good luck in your Iron Chef challenge!

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