Pub-Corn: Beer Flavored Popcorn. Yes, you read that right.


So I was at a friend’s house and one of her friends instant messaged her to ask if she knew any photographers available for freelance product photography.  Her answer was she had one in her basement.

And with that, I got another freelance job.  It’s that easy to hire me folks!  (seriously, email me for rates)

Basically, Cary Silverman, a student at MU, has started four businesses prior to this newest endeavor… alcohol flavored popcorn, appropriately titled Pub-Corn.

The three flavors he has now are Beer, Piña Colada and Irish Cream.  I would say Beer tastes like the Natty Lite or Milwaukee’s Best flavor territory– its kinda stale, but kinda reminds you exactly of a cheap bar or a frat-tastic party from freshman year.  Either way, its interesting.  Piña Colada on the other hand, that’s like candy.  It was quite sweet and I’m surprised how well it worked with the popcorn medium.  Irish Cream tasted the most like alcohol, but kinda chocolaty too.  It was a good representation.

All inspiration for the mini box studio goes to strobist, a wonderful lighting blog that will teach you almost as much as my college level Advanced Techniques course did.



Supposedly the stuff was already on the Today Show, he’s gonna get the stuff on Oprah, and several wire services might be picking it up for newspapers.  Let me know if you see the article around the country!

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