LA’s Cook’s Library Closing

I was sad to read this morning about the closing of The Cook’s Library, a bookstore in Los Angeles dedicated to cookbooks. When Michael visited me in LA over winter break, I planned a real foodie vacation, and The Cook’s Library was on the list.

It was the first time I’d been there, but I knew I’d return next time I went home. The place was stocked. We sat for a long time perusing recipes and admiring food photos. The owners and employees were very friendly. They looked up a few books for us and recommended some restaurants. The store also had book signings with Eric Ripert, Jacques Pepin, Anthony Bourdain, and other chefs I would have loved to meet. I had made it a point to check their calendar next time I went to LA.

It’s a shame so many great places like this are closing. I wrote a story two years ago about how independent bookstores are struggling, but more specialized stores tend to do better. I guess it wasn’t enough for The Cook’s Library. Well, at least I can hit the closeout sale over spring break next week. The store closes April 30, owner Ellen Rose said.

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