Quick Status Update

I’m going to the pig slaughter on Friday morning, now that I know where the abattoir is on campus. That should provide a pretty interesting write-up. I’ll keep the pictures in good taste.
Also, I have 4 beers I need to at least mention before they go out of season, I’m still working on ’em, but I promise to pound out that post soon. I clicked on the archives the other day and found Britt is whooping me in post counts. I gotta step up my game.

2 Replies to “Quick Status Update”

  1. Dearest,
    I put you on my blogroll and see that you got at least one hit through my site. You’re welcome. I don’t think I can eat pork products anymore. These days I’m 85% vegetarian, but I want to hear about new brews.

  2. …….Ok I confess the hit was mine, but why don’t they know I’m in Hinckley? I don’t understand live traffic feed.

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