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  1. You are missing pretty much all the Bell’s available here in town. Bear Republic. Anderson Valley. All of the Boulevard Smokestacks. Mikkeller (Arena carries one of their beers). Duchess. All the HeBrews. All the Averys. O’Fallon. The new Schlafly bottle conditioned beers. All the New Holland now available in town. I recommend you devote at least one day a week to sitting at the bar at Sycamore and drinking what is on tap.

  2. Jeff- I just got my first Bells (Lager of the Lakes) the other day, as I’ve been eyeing them up here in Chicago for some time (I’m on spring break). I’ve seen Avery and O’Fallon (Weach should be up on the wall, I lost the box). New Holland just started popping up in Chicago as well, and I thought about that too. I hear the smokestacks are great, and i’m sure the schlafly bottle conditioned ones are good too, but I try to save my money for six packs, as I can keep the boxes from those for the wall. It may not be the best selection from a brewery, but the visual cue and memory I have from each box is quite powerful, plus it looks cool. I welcome the advice, as Sycamore offers a fantastic selection on tap and in bottles alike.

    (other responses to the survey also suggested bell’s, o’dells, The Ten Penny Ale from the Olde Burnside Brewing Company in Hartford, CT, and Dogfish Head)

    I’m currently looking to finish out Schlafly, I just started Three Floyds (though I’ve had 3 or 4 styles of theirs on tap), I’d like to finish Victory, start Left Hand (also had on tap twice), and finish Rogue. That’s my goal for the end of the summer, at least.

  3. If you’re working to finish off Schlafly, you’ll remedy this one quickly: Coffee Stout. Some brew elitist is going to haze me for recommending this, but give Lone Star a shot. Tis the king of cheap beer. Also, Flying Dog out of Denver is a good brewery. I’m not usually a fan of wheat beer, but “Dog in Heat Wheat” is pretty good.

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