He and She will live on, just several hundred miles away.


Brittany and I have now graduated college (in 4 years!), with our degrees from the oldest and most prestigious journalism school in the world (suck it Northwestern).  With that comes the end of what was, and a new beginning of the rest of our lives.

Brittany will be staying in Columbia at least the rest of the summer, with our friend Kat and various other people we know.  She’ll be working at The Missourian, our lab newspaper as a Teaching Assistant, which is right up her alley.  In her immense amount of free time, I imagine she will cook a ton of fun summer things.  Her cilantro and tomato plants are getting huge already.

I have already returned home to Chicago, living with my parents until I find a salaried job (for the moment, I’m gonna say I’m a freelancer!).  It’s practical, and mainly, free.  I will miss the farmers market, and all the people we met through this blog (big shout out to Mike Odette).  Deerfield’s saving grace is that we do have a Whole Foods down the street, in addition to a really nice kitchen in our house (convection oven, kitchen-aid stand mixer, counter space… all nice things).

More than anything I will miss the planning, seeing the excitement in Brit’s face as we develop our menu, plan for the week, or most consistently, as her and Kat start discussing options for dessert before we’ve even finished eating dinner.

In conclusion, the blog will not suffer, but it will probably feel a little different.  I have no doubt in mind we’ll call each other every day, but for better or worse, we’re kinda adults now, about 400 hundred miles apart.  We’ll visit, and you better believe there will posts on those epic adventures.  Of course, we’ll also let you know if either of us gets real jobs.  (I find out in a few days if I’ll be hired at a paper on the west coast).