The Flavor Bible


“This book will be your companion in the kitchen whenever you wish to create deliciousness.”

— The Flavor Bible

Wednesday is the one year anniversary of the publication of The Flavor Bible. James Beard Award-winning authors Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg asked us to mention something here, and I am happy to do it. The Flavor Bible has been incredibly helpful and influential to my cooking. It was just over a year ago that I moved out of campus housing and into a place with a personal kitchen. For someone who was comfortable with basic cooking techniques but looking to move away from the

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recipes, The Flavor Bible was, well, a godsend.

The book is organized like a reference book. After a lovely introduction to the components of taste, ingredients are included in alphabetical order with a list of complementary ingredients. So when you're looking at that rotating spice rack wondering what the heck marjoram is used for anyway, you can easily find a wealth of information and hopefully be inspired to use it one day.

The Flavor Bible undoubtedly improved my culinary improvisation skills. A cookbook can only contain so many recipes, but this isn't a cookbook. This book offers limitless possibilities. Next time you want to create a crazy ice cream flavor, find a savory use for macadamia nuts or decide whether tarragon would help or hurt your dish, make sure you consult The Flavor Bible.

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