No More Gourmet Magazine?


I read some very unfortunate news today on Addie Broyles' Relish Austin blog. Conde Nast is planning to stop publishing Gourmet Magazine. I feel genuinely sad.

After a trip to Europe when I was 4 years old, I told my parents I wanted to be a chef. They outfitted me with a poofy white hat and let me help in the kitchen when I wasn't playing with my plastic food-related toys. A few years later — once I had the reading thing down pat — they got me a subscription to Gourmet for Christmas.
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I didn't remember the year, but I remembered the cover, so I was able to find it online. December 1994. A Christmas cookie issue.

Since then my family and I have found many recipes, whole meals even, to recreate from Gourmet. I've flipped through those magazines countless times. They're all in a cabinet in the laundry room now. When I go home, I sit on the floor, lean against the washing machine and browse through marked, folded and food-stained pages.

It's sad to think the collection won't get any bigger. While I appreciate the convenience of having millions of recipes online, I don't see myself getting nostalgic about going through virtual bookmarks.

As someone who loves food — and who would like a job in journalism — the end of Gourmet Magazine is heartbreaking news.


4 Replies to “No More Gourmet Magazine?”

  1. So sad! I still can’t believe it – it truly is a marking of history and I can’t believe they would get rid of Gourmet of all mags. Great blog, though!

  2. Are you kidding, I just received my first issue! I love the recipes online they feature and their cooking videos.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Gourmet was easily my favorite food magazine. I really wish Conde Nast would’ve shuttered another of their bridal magazines instead. I’m especially irritated because I just renewed my subscription last month!

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