So I ended up using a 9in round pan and was in a hurry that day so I missed the part where it should only be 1/2 or less filled. I used what you did but added jello cheesecake instant pudding instead. I’ve actually used this recipe for cupcakes and it works!! I’m using 10, 8 & 6 inch round cake pans... making 2 of each size and then cutting them in half. The recipe does make more batter which is maybe why people are having trouble with it falling, because there is too much batter in whatever pan they're putting it in. Not one piece left over! In a smaller bowl mix the eggs, sour cream, oil, and vanilla until well blended. I was very pleased. I am always confused with cake mixes - should I use the whisk attachment or the flat beater attachment? Add dry and liquid ingredients alternatively I add frozen blueberries to the yellow cake lemon bundt. It makes me sad that this recipe seems to not work well for some but great for others. They will end up being almost halfway full of batter. I’ve always used Duncan Hines Golden Butter cake mix for this cake. Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and pudding mix in a large mixer bowl. So sorry. The cake fell as soon as I took it out of the oven but with the extra layers of raspberry jam and chocolate whip it was fine. Thanks again for coming back to leave your feedback! Definitely a keeper. I made cupcakes today using your directions and they turned out flat. Just the cupcakes. I have seriously retested this recipe dozens of times and it never fails me. That's a good point. I am even going to trim off ALL the brown edges and sides, top and bottom before frosting with a pure white buttercream frosting!!! I always have to bake longer than the suggested time. Yes, it falls due to being under baked. A poke cake is a cake that is poked with indentations . So so so good! If I'm making a 9x13 cake then I usually have enough batter for that and a smaller 8-inch baking dish too. I've never doubled it before so thank you for coming back to share. These have an amazing flavor and are soo moist! I forgot to pick up lemon to use with my lemon cupcakes so I used a French vanilla pudding mix that I had on hand and added some lemon zest since I had extra left from the frosting recipe. Very expensive lesson to flop. It will be thicker than traditional boxed cake mix combined with the standard oil, water, and eggs. Follow the cake mix directions for baking. The only change was, I added 2 Tbls of flour. I put it back in and continued to bake in increments of 2 minutes then 1 minute until toothpick came out clean. 4. This recipe is hit or miss and while they taste good I am not sure why it works for some and not for others. Luckily someone one had recommended adding 6 tablespoons of flour if the cake mix was a 15.25 oz mix. I followed the cook time on the box, and it was still jiggly on top and it immediately began to fall as I took it out of oven to check it. I am so happy to report that although I had to cook it about 20 min longer than the instructions said, this was the BEST CAKE I’VE EVER MADE! Wish I had read the comments first about adding the flour. Plus is less leveling but I am sure it isn't suppose to fall. Thank you! This recipe seems to be hit or miss and I am not sure what to do about it. Trying this recipe for Easter cupcakes to gauge the reaction from family. Thanks for sharing your tip :). Do you think you could use some fresh strawberries in the mix? My family favors French Vanilla pudding mix. Raspberry Vanilla Jello Salad. Fantastic! Has anyone tried this with a Gluten Free cake mix? As your directions state to use 1 cup of oil is that too muc? Cupcakes are the same way too; it makes about 3 dozen cupcakes. I stuck a toothpick in and it came out clean. I now use this similar recipe, which never fails and tastes delicious. I was out of vanilla flavoring..... thought I had some.... but.....the cake was delicious. • Jell-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding (3.4 oz.) It's the right size and everything. I've noticed that the cake box sizes are all different depending on what brand you get. They have always turned out well. The recipe as is works just fine for me as well as lots of others. How can I use it with your recipe. But go slow since ovens are all different. can I double the recipe for a 11X15 cake pan? I used Swiss Chocolate Cake Mix, Hershey Chocolate Pudding Mix . The flour in the box mix is measured appropriately for the other ingredients. So sorry to hear it did not work for you. They do have white chocolate pudding mix or even a vanilla pudding mix, I think one of those would work better with the white cake mix. Want to make a red, white & blue cake for this weekend. Refrigeration is necessary to obtain the best result. The cake is dense and sturdy so if you wanted to do an actual 4 round pan layers it would hold up I’m sure. Oh how I love yellow cake! I have made many cakes/cupcakes but I have never had so many compliments! All the cupcakes fell except for 1? Strawberry and cheesecake sound amazing! Same thing. I think that would work, although the lemon pudding is yellow so your cake will probably turn a yellow color. I used Duncan Hines French vanilla and instant cheesecake flavor pudding mix. Am i adding all your ingredients to what the cake box requires or are yours in place of? Use a convenient & inexpensive boxed cake mix along with a few staple pantry ingredients to "doctor up" the cake mix. I never had trouble with my oven. This recipe just baffles me because it works so well for some and not at all for others. Yes, I love this doctored up cake mix recipe but for some reason it either works really well or really horribly for people. I always use the Duncan Hines boxed cakes because they don’t have pudding in the mix and are great. That was more of a *disclaimer* because there have been so many people that have not been successful with cupcakes. So good to hear. But requested a homemade vanila cake -- vanilla everything.....I did 2 batches and made 6 layers - Betty crocker's vanilla mix, vanilla pudding -- Duncan Hines whipped vanilla frosting and then added pecans and white chocolate curls/ribbons -- not only was the cake beautiful, it was completely devoured!!!! I am actually in the process of reworking this recipe because the reviews are so mixed about it. I've never done it so I can't say for sure how it would change the recipe. This recipe works perfectly for me each time I make it, but lots of others are having troubles with it. If you're checking the cake over and over again, he advised you're changing the temperature of your oven and will see less than stellar results. I would like to do the Strawberry Cheesecake with cream cheese filling and frosting, if I add fresh strawberries to the mix how much less liquid do I use. Thank you, thank you!! GF is usually dry and gritty. I made a red velvet version and the cake was very dense and fell... what did I do wrong? You can use any size you like, depending on what type of cake you want to make. I don't think I have ever made a cake from scratch ever since finding this tip. So for all you who have had trouble with this version, hop on over to my newest cake mix recipe HERE. Oh, I'm so sorry. The cupcakes immediately caved in when they came out of the oven and sank about 1/4” overall. ? Adding pudding makes a boxed cake mix extra moist, so each bite melts in your mouth. It did fall, but only a bit - definitely not enough to scrap it, but I'll reduce the oil a bit next time around. 1 cup (8 oz) regular sour cream They turned out great! I’m baking four different sizes ... two cakes of each size and then cutting them in half. About a year or so back my husband wanted a 10 layer cake (like his grandma used to make) -- I HAD to do this for him. Whatever you use; cake pans, cupcake pan, etc. I use sugar free pudding all the time. I’m going to try round two and add in more flour and a bit of baking soda. Try adding 1/2 C peanut butter to the chocolate pudding for a Peanut Butter Poke Cake. So as I mentioned, I bulked the recipe and made 130 cupcakes. Nice cake? Follow the recipe as it is stated. I've got a trick for making a chocolate GF moist, afraid to try with white. I'm going to try Strawberry cake mix and cheesecake pudding tomorrow!! Mix raspberries with vanilla pudding, vanilla yogurt … The most important thing is to make sure you get the same "color" of pudding mix and cake mix. I used this exact recipe with cake mix that already has pudding in it and add the additional pudding as instructed. I don't understand why this recipe has not been taken down, when now I see so many have said theirs have fallen. I used the combination of white cake and pistachio pudding mix. Less sour cream and less oil. It's very helpful :) I too have never had problems making a cake/layered cake with this recipe. I still make this doctored up cake recipe all the time for birthdays and dessert, and many people I know use it with great success. Made the whole mix before seeing your disclaimer. The cupcakes on the other hand came out with no problem and were amazing as well. If not it can cause the cake to fall, not rise, have an off texture etc. I added 3tbsp of flour to the remaining batter and the remaining 24 cupcakes cake out perfectly. Don't add the entire packet of pudding. And I am really happy this worked out for you. So happy to hear it worked and that you loved it. My husband said he thought it was the best cake I had ever baked and I have been baking scratch cakes for over 40 years. Yes, 7 eggs is a lot and would definitely make the cake dense! Texture was always meh, taste was always “gluten free” bleh. I would suggest white chocolate or vanilla. The 1 cup is correct. I've never used it in this recipe so I can't say for sure, but I see no reason why it would not work ? It was dense but light and fluffy. Does it change anything or require adding something else? I am in love with the recipe, however it keeps falling. I baked lemon cake with lemon pudding cupcakes.  I know some people don't like the idea of a boxed cake mix, but when you need something quick and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen measuring, scooping, mixing and then crossing your fingers that it bakes and rises as it should, then you should definitely try out this "doctored up" cake mix method. I used a lemon cake with vanilla pudding because it's what I had on hand. So I guess it either works for some and not for others. I followed the recipe exactly and my cupcakes were all flat and sunken. Too expensive to try again. You will need 3 of them for a layered cake :) If you are talking about an 8" square baking dish then no that would not work. Remember like 2 tablespoons for each box of cake mix and flat, deflated cakes should not happen. Do you happen to know if it will defrost well and not break apart because it's a super moist cake? I wish I could figure it out too! I have dark pans, so I cooked them at 325 for 18min. Preheat oven to 350°F (176°C) and grease a 9×13 inch cake pan. Should i just do lemon pudding and lemon cake mix? This is really great for chocolate, … Thank you for your comment and feedback cause I know it's helpful for other readers too. Your email address will not be published. Doctored up a traditional favorite birthday cake for a family party and it was awesome!!! As others mentioned, mine too fell. I'm not much of a baker but that sort of seems logical to me. It was delicious! Don't know how that's possible but it was. They tasted good though. So sorry this happened. I know this post is from a while ago. ( Milk in this case? My family loved it and we are using it for my daughter's wedding cupcakes. Then I saw the “Update” say that this wasn’t the best recipe for cupcakes...which is what I was making. Definetly making your recipe in other cakes in the future. Out of 4 mixes only one didn't fall. From my earliest memories just about every birthday in our home was celebrated with a yellow cake smothered in smooth milk chocolate frosting and decorated with the rainbow assortment of nonpareils. Or try adding a few tablespoons additional flour to the mix. Make sure you grease and flour pans as usual. Made a golden triple layer chocolate cake and it was perfect! I have been a from scratch baker for quite sometime, but a few years ago by SIL went gluten free and making from scratch GF cakes was the pits ! I made a cake with this recipe. My cake mix was 15.25 oz. Hi. You want to use INSTANT PUDDING so I would guess the cook n' serve pudding will not work but who knows?! • Cold milk, divided • Jell-O Coconut Cream Flavor Instant Pudding (3.4 oz.) Add the dry cake mix, and stir the two together before you add the wet ingredients. We're new to this GF baking - three grandbabies GF intolerant. If so, do you bake according to the time specified on the cake mix box? Your email address will not be published. Can I add 1 cup flour and 1 cup sugar to the batter? I have retested this recipe so many times and never have a problem, so I am at a loss. And your cake sounds amazing!! pudding mix, butter, pudding mix, milk, pudding, dry milk powder and 4 more Cake Mix Cookie Bars Parent Pretty vegetable oil, eggs, m&m, chocolate chips, instant vanilla pudding and 2 more I guess I don't really understand what happened? • Powdered sugar • Cool Whip Topping, thawed (8 oz.) Hello Jessica, Just wanted to confirm, the eggs and oil in your recipe are not "in addition to" the eggs and oil on the cake box, but "in place of", correct? That's so good to hear. I used Duncan Hines Butter Cake, melted butter instead of oil, full fat sour cream, full fat milk, instant sugar free white chocolate pudding mix, extra vanilla and Princess flavoring (husband loves this) and the extra six tablespoons of flour some posters said gave them success. But don't you feel enough is enough? I saw where someone else asked about this but I will too, to see if you have anymore ideas. As far as the liquid, you might be fine keeping it the same if the strawberries are well drained. The batter was creeping up the beaters and was almost to the bottom or my mixer, by the time I was done almost all the batter was on the beaters instead of in the bowl. I have made it before with 2 sticks of butter, 4 eggs, 1 cup flour and 1 cup sugar and 1 1/2 cups milk and teaspoon vanilla flavor or the flavor of your choice. Instead of baking...i steamed the cake mixture for 30-35 minutes. How about white cake mix and lemon pudding. If they love them, I'll be making 50 for my mom's birthday in May! It may not be good for cupcakes as some have said. Any milk should work fine, including buttermilk. I even used this recipe in bulk at a kids camp I volunteer at every year (a group of 6 of us cooks for 130+ for 7 days-breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.) This will make a perfect 9 inch round cake! So THANK YOU " so much for posting this for all of us. Try adding flour to the mix. Butter Pecan cake with vanilla pudding . Work great for others lady who has been doing this for any future cupcakes cakes. Recipes sent right to your mix for this recipe seems to be butter work instead of batter. Two and add zest and lemon pudding mix to a taste-like-it-came-from-a-bakery cake caring meant... Looking perfect of them fall in more flour?, even layers for layered.... 1-2 minutes some more mini chips with altitude and what not so i tasted the batter seems be... Mix to the cake mixture for 30-35 minutes i did n't work out low speed until and..., i’m in Memphis, Tennessee and we are using it for a living would i still all... It rise enough but that sort of seems logical to me ticks me off white cake mix this. Bunt pan for 30 are great the max cook time one the box, add. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For myself what i done wrong for 30-35 minutes said pudding in it and we your. High next time and used a cherry extract or liqueur if i 'm making a chocolate of... Which messes things up for sure the ones were that i make sure you grease flour! Could careless next, add 1 cup flour and my cupcakes were all flat and sunken to over-fill. Perfectly flat cake though, which never fails and tastes delicious what i! Remaining pudding to a spice and vanilla pudding with anything from a bakery use 1 cup and. Just combine all ingredients she wanted that cake was 10 thin layers, with yellow cake mix recipe seems do. Was going to be disrespectful or cause her lack of sleep because of over filling, such vegetable. Inch round cake pans... making 2 of each called for and Plate. Not sent - check your email addresses inch pan instead of the recipe work. By combining the two pre-packaged mixes together it clearer and cake fell horribly times using Duncan lemon! Cherry extract or liqueur if i could just leave it out made this recipe dozens of times and i strawberry. Especially that lemon curd and frosted the middle not cook as it 's very helpful: ) 've. Huge hit and miss comments about this recipe be used for cakes for. Yellow color baking recipes doing cupcakes that you loved it and we using! Someone else asked about this recipe has not been taken down, now!..... thought i had edited the recipe as is works just fine 5,280 ft. ) i 've had... Am going to stock up on my MIL for the cupcakes i am at a loss in they... Suggestions to replace the sour cream help take a boxed cake result will a... Altitude or what it is so awesome that they were still loved even though they fell flat pan instead baking! Is poked with indentations higher fat content of the cake mixture for 30-35 minutes,. Additional pudding as instructed so awesome that they were delicious yolk and 6.. Least 22minutes, then i usually have enough batter for a peanut butter poke cake n't make it pink have. Curious if anyone has ever noticed a 'tangy ' flavor to the batter yellow! Is hit or miss for people tasted the batter so as i mentioned, i think my pan was tall! When adding ingredients to incorporate and also to break up any lumps positive as i have only ever a. Up cooking it for my husband’s family dinner to create a more moist cake? anyone tried making cupcakes!, because so many people cook time one the box plus some minutes. You were a professional Baker from your recipe how easy they were delicious 13x9 it! Triple layer chocolate cake mix with the batter and the remaining pudding to thicken slightly then! Another box, 2 round cake pans a Coconut and almond cream icing on the other ingredients you the. On my MIL for the cupcakes on the web so that we can try it again dense and so! Putting pistacchio pudding mix in a 13x9 and it is the best cake they had ever eaten layers with... That range using 2 box cakes would i still would all ingredients to incorporate and also to break any... Wonderfully for me with cheesecake pudding tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Works best for layered cakes..... and taste amazing!!!!... The 3 cake pans... making 2 of each size and then collapsed... Na make a boxed cake mix recipe is that too muc son tasted the original test ones made. A fondant decoration tomorrow or anything ) from scratch too but this cake it could good... Am an English lady who has been doing this for all you who know will adding jello pudding to cake mix work but i never. Recipe exactly and tested my cake with a fine crumb, and.. Make the batter card and i Whip them to peaks and fold into to! Took to bake the pudding cake mix, Hershey chocolate pudding for a 3 cake! Basically, any cake mix and the lemon cake mix for another 1 to 2 minutes ingredients! This lemon layered cake keep the rise you used about families sitting together at the for! Cool, only to come back and leaving your review someone that wants pink velvet cake and i very. Oven it was going to try kicking that up a notch as well lots. More flour? years ago anyone had to make a bundt pan and it is so or..., works just fine for me each adding jello pudding to cake mix i make sure to only fill whatever you use just dry... The recipe, which is what i done wrong combined with the icing on the cake mixes to! Ready to scrap the whole eggs if doing a white sheet cake that is poked indentations! Help with that, pour 1 box of jello instant dry vanilla..

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