(April 2006). [14], In March 1521, a description of the coconut was given by Antonio Pigafetta writing in Italian and using the words "cocho"/"cochi", as recorded in his journal after the first European crossing of the Pacific Ocean during the Magellan circumnavigation and meeting the inhabitants of what would become known as Guam and the Philippines. Aufgrund ihrer schwimmfähigen und salzwasserfesten Samen ist sie mittlerweile an fast allen tropischen Küsten verbreitet. The name comes from the old Portuguese and Spanish word coco, meaning 'head' or 'skull', after the three indentations on the coconut shell that resemble facial features. Hindus often initiate the beginning of any new activity by breaking a coconut to ensure the blessings of the gods and successful completion of the activity. unpublished. Coconut water can be drunk fresh or used in cooking as in binakol. (synonym) Cocos nucifera var. Full Record . For example, the Polynesian and Melanesian term niu; Tagalog and Chamorro term niyog; and the Malay word nyiur or nyior. An warmen Sommertagen können Sie Kokospalme auch ins Freie stellen. Wenn Sie Gartenerde verwenden, müssen Sie diese mit etwas Sand auflockern. Kokosöl oder Kokosnussöl, auch Kokosfett genannt, ist ein weißes bis gelblich-weißes Pflanzenfett, das aus Kopra, dem Nährgewebe der Kokosnuss (Frucht der Kokospalme), gewonnen wird. It can be reduced further to yield coconut sugar also referred to as palm sugar or jaggery. [105], The sap derived from incising the flower clusters of the coconut is drunk as neera, also known as toddy or tubâ (Philippines), tuak (Indonesia and Malaysia) or karewe (fresh and not fermented, collected twice a day, for breakfast and dinner) in Kiribati. 16. One recently selected cultivar, the 'Maypan', has been bred for resistance to this disease. [89], The coconut palm is grown throughout the tropics for decoration, as well as for its many culinary and nonculinary uses; virtually every part of the coconut palm can be used by humans in some manner and has significant economic value. Coconuts have been used by humans for thousands of years and may have spread to their present range because of Pacific island settlers. But research on them is still ongoing to determine which of them (if any) actually belong to the genus Cocos. … Copra is the dried meat of the seed and after processing produces coconut oil and coconut meal. Gasa suggested, for lack of paper, delivering by dugout canoe a message inscribed on a husked coconut shell, reading “Nauru Isl commander / native knows posit / he can pilot / 11 alive need small boat / Kennedy.”[117] This coconut was later kept on the president's desk, and is now in the John F. Kennedy Library.[118]. Zunächst entfernen Sie die Faserhülle der Kokosnuss und legen die Nuss zur Hälfte in einen Topf mit sandigem Substrat. Calappa nucifera (L.) Kuntze; Cocos indica Royle; Cocos nana Griff. Hawaiians hollowed the trunk to form drums, containers, or small canoes. [114] Activated carbon manufactured from coconut shell is considered extremely effective for the removal of impurities. Nevertheless, the authors Gomez-Navarro et al. Coconut, Cocos nucifera L., is the only species in Cocos genus, within Aracaceae family, Cocoeae order. Kuala Lumpur: HMRC IMR; 2002. p. 205. coconut; Other Scientific Names. [74], In cooler climates (but not less than USDA Zone 9), a similar palm, the queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana), is used in landscaping. Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) sugar was reported to have a GI value of 35 (Kusumawaty, Maharani, & Edwina, 2012; Trinidad, Mallillin, Sagum, & Encabo, 2010) while the sugar from palm sugar (Borassus flabellifer) and sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) has GI values of 42 and 58–82, respectively (Saputro et al., 2017). They are ubiquitous in coastal tropical regions and are a cultural icon of the tropics. Niyog. The coconut palm is a palm tree in the family Arecaceae (palm family). Coconut fruit in the wild are light, buoyant, and highly water resistant. Contact us about this record. COCONUT TAXONOMY. [140] In the story of Sina and the Eel, the origin of the coconut is related as the beautiful woman Sina burying an eel, which eventually became the first coconut. that C. nucifera was introduced to the eastern Pacific in pre-Columbian times. Fresh husks contain more tannin than old husks. Cocos-like fossils of fruits include "Cocos" intertrappeansis, "Cocos" pantii, and "Cocos" sahnii. [120], The roots are used as a dye, a mouthwash, and a folk medicine for diarrhea and dysentery. The roots are mostly 1.5 m in the top layer of soil, normally measuring 6 m x 1 cm and up to 30 m long in opti­mum soil conditions. Cocos nucifera. They also include fossil fruits that have been tentatively identified as modern Cocos nucifera. Comedogenicity: 4 . 544 Accesses. Die Kokospalme (Cocos nucifera), auch Kokosnusspalme genannt, ist der Inbegriff aller tropischen Gewächse. [87] The artificial landscaping may have been the cause for lethal yellowing, a viral coconut palm disease that leads to the death of the tree. Duplicate citation of Cocos nucifera L., Sp. [32] If they were naturally distributed and had been in the Pacific for a thousand years or so, then we would expect the eastern shore of Australia, with its own islands sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, to have been thick with coconut palms: the currents were directly into, and down along this coast. Philippine Medicinal Plants. The plant is originally from Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines) and the islands between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. [35][36] Endt & Hayward (1997) have noted their resemblance to members of the South American genus Parajubaea, rather than Cocos, and propose a South American origin. Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) is a key tropical crop and a member of the monocotyledonous family Arecaceae (Palmaceae). It can be used in liquid form as would other vegetable oils, or in solid form as would butter or lard. [51] The female flower is much larger than the male flower. [23][24][25][20] Their cultivation and spread was closely tied to the early migrations of the Austronesian peoples who carried coconuts as canoe plants to islands they settled. Etwas ältere Exemplare gedeihen in normaler Palmenerde am besten. delicata Blume Cocos nucifera var. … COCOS NUCIFERA L. (ARECACEAE) Coconut book. ; Links []. Additionally, a genetically distinct subpopulation of coconut on the Pacific coast of Latin America has undergone a genetic bottleneck resulting from a founder effect; however, its ancestral population is the Pacific coconut from the Philippines. The various products of coconut include tender coconut water, copra, coconut oil, raw kernel, coconut cake, coconut toddy, coconut shell and wood based products, coconut leaves, coir pith etc. However, they can be found in humid areas with low annual precipitation such as in Karachi, Pakistan, which receives only about 250 mm (9.8 in) of rainfall per year, but is consistently warm and humid. Plaudereien über Zimmerpflanzen und andere schöne Dinge des ... Zimmerpflanzen Fotos ,eigene Erfahrungen , Pflegetipps ..... Hilfe, winzige Fliegen in der Erde der Zimmerpflanzen. Coconuts could not reach inland locations without human intervention (to carry seednuts, plant seedlings, etc.) (January 27, 1967). It is also often stated that coconuts can travel 110 days, or 3,000 miles (4,800 km), by sea and still be able to germinate. Die Kokospalme kann eine Wuchshöhe von bis zu 20 Metern erreichen, der Stamm einen Durchmesser von 20 bis 30 Zentimetern. Handbook of Energy Crops. In the Hainuwele myth from Maluku, a girl emerges from the blossom of a coconut tree. [33], The evolutionary history and fossil distribution of Cocos nucifera and other members of the tribe Cocoseae is more ambiguous than modern-day dispersal and distribution, with its ultimate origin and pre-human dispersal still unclear. It can grow up to 20-30 m in tall cultivars and 10-15 m in dwarf cultivars. [110][111], Coir (the fiber from the husk of the coconut) is used in ropes, mats, doormats, brushes, and sacks, as caulking for boats, and as stuffing fiber for mattresses. bego Blume Cocos nucifera var. Bei älteren Exemplaren ist ein dreijähriger Umtopf-Rhythmus ausreichend. The immature seeds are infested and desapped by larvae staying in the portion covered by the perianth of the immature seed; the seeds then drop off or survive deformed. Auf was Sie beim Kauf Ihres Cocos nucifera achten sollten! Coconut milk contains 5% to 20% fat, while coconut cream contains around 20% to 50% fat. 7 Hauttypen - einige Produkte werden für jede Haut empfohlen. [49], Unlike some other plants, the palm tree has neither a tap root nor root hairs, but has a fibrous root system. It is further strengthened by other similar botanical evidence of contact, like the pre-colonial presence of sweet potato in Oceanian cultures. Bei der Standortwahl sollten Sie außerdem immer berücksichtigen, dass die Kokospalme stets sehr viel Licht braucht. The 2014 study hypothesized that instead the species evolved while on coral atolls in the Pacific, and then dispersed to the continents. Bei richtiger Pflege ist es jedoch möglich, dass ältere Exemplare kleine Blüten hervorbringen. [129] CAPB may cause mild skin irritation,[129] but allergic reactions to CAPB are rare[130] and probably related to impurities rendered during the manufacturing process (which include amidoamine and dimethylaminopropylamine) rather than CAPB itself. The knowhow of coconut cultivation and necessary soil fixation and irrigation may have found its way into Omani, Hadrami and Al-Mahra culture by people who returned from those overseas areas. Cocos nucifera (L.) (Arecaceae) is commonly called the ‘‘coconut tree’’ and is the most naturally widespread fruit plant on Earth. Coconuts can only be grown in temperatures above 18 °C (64 °F) and need a daily temperature above 22 °C (72 °F) to produce fruit. "Chapter 12 – Coconut". It forms the basis of wedding and worship rituals in Hinduism, a coconut religion in Vietnam, and features in the origin myths of several societies. Plants are intolerant of cold weather and prefer copious precipitation, as well as full sunlight. ASEAN-Canada Forest Tree Seed Centre Project 1991, Muak-Lek, Saraburi, Thailand. A coconut (Sanskrit: narikela) is an essential element of rituals in Hindu tradition. Cocos nucifera. Coconut palms are hard to establish in dry climates, and cannot grow there without frequent irrigation; in drought conditions, the new leaves do not open well, and older leaves may become desiccated; fruit also tends to be shed. The hard shells, fibrous husks and long pinnate leaves can be used as material to make a variety of products for furnishing and decoration. [134] In the foothills of the temple town of Palani, before going to worship Murugan for the Ganesha, coconuts are broken at a place marked for the purpose. "Complete sequence and comparative analysis of the chloroplast genome of coconut palm (, The Coconut Odyssey – the bounteous possibilities of the tree of life, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, "Report: 26 provinces quarantined for coconut pest", "Coconut production in 2018, Crops/Regions/World list/Production Quantity (pick lists)", "Petenes mangroves: types and severity of threats". 2: 982 (1891). (1950) Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft. L. Coconut from Ivory Coast. It takes around 6,000 full-grown coconuts to produce one tonne of copra. Calappa nucifera (L.) Kuntze (synonym) : Cocos indica Royle (synonym) : Cocos mamillaris Blanco (synonym) : Cocos nana Griff. Domesticated plants and animals of Austronesia, Learn how and when to remove this template message, more deaths are caused by falling coconuts than by sharks, Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, "coco | Origin and meaning of coco by Online Etymology Dictionary", "coconut | Origin and meaning of coconut by Online Etymology Dictionary", "The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman – The Arabian Nights – The Thousand and One Nights – Sir Richard Burton translator", "A Brief History of the Coconut Palm in Australia", "Independent Origins of Cultivated Coconut (, "Coconuts: not indigenous, but quite at home nevertheless", "Ancient crops provide first archaeological signature of the westward Austronesian expansion", "An early sophisticated East Polynesian voyaging canoe discovered on New Zealand's coast", "Long-distance dispersal of the coconut palm by migration within the coral atoll ecosystem", "Fossil fruit of Cocos L. (Arecaceae) from Maastrichtian-Danian sediments of central India and its phytogeographical significance", "An update of monocot macrofossil data from New Zealand and Australia", "A Fossil Coconut Fruit from the Early Eocene of Gujarat", Rise in coconut yield, farming area put India on top, "How Long Does It Take for a Coconut Tree to Get Coconuts? Palma cocos Mill. Anderenfalls geht die Palme meist nach rund zwei bis drei Jahren ein, weil der Nährstoffvorrat in der Nuss verbraucht ist und sie kein ausreichend großes Wurzelwerk bilden konnte. Cocos Nucifera Oil goodie. Every day, thousands of coconuts are broken, and some devotees break as many as 108 coconuts at a time as per the prayer. Coconut water is traditionally used as a growth supplement in plant tissue culture and micropropagation. Indo-Atlantic coconuts were also introduced into the Atlantic Ocean by Portuguese ships from their colonies in coastal India and Sri Lanka; first being introduced to coastal West Africa, then onwards into the Caribbean and the east coast of Brazil. Throughout history, humans have used medicinal plants therapeutically, and minerals, plants, and animals have traditionally been the main sources of drugs. Govaerts, R. et al. 31. Training without Reward: Traditional Training of Pig-tailed Macaques as Coconut Harvesters. The coconut palm, Cocos nucifera L., is undoubtedly the most economically important plant in the family, as it is used as both an ornamental and a food crop. [108] They can also be processed to extract palm sugar. 240 p. Bertrand, Mireille. DOI link for COCOS NUCIFERA L. (ARECACEAE) Coconut. Tissue culture and associated biotechnological interventions for the improvement of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.): a review Coconut oil, aside from being used in cooking as an ingredient and for frying, is used in soaps, cosmetics, hair oil, and massage oil. [citation needed] They are also used in Hindu weddings as a symbol of prosperity. The in vitro assay was based on egg hatching (EHT) and larval development tests (LDT) with Haemonchus contortus. 15. [80], Coconut flour has also been developed for use in baking, to combat malnutrition.[96]. Official CosIng Information Details. Coconuts' versatility is sometimes noted in its naming. In Cambodia, the roots are used in traditional medicine as a treatment for dysentery. 2,000-4,000 adventitious roots may grow, each about 1 cm (0.39 in) large. Bei zu trockener Luft treten außerdem häufig Spinnmilben auf. There are currently two major viewpoints on the origins of the genus Cocos, one in the Indo-Pacific, and another in South America. nuciferae. and Koop Wind (Eds.). In caelis frigidioribus (sed non minus quam USDA Zona 9), cocois similis, Syagrus romanzoffiana, in architectura terrestri adhibetur. [24], The palm produces both the female and male flowers on the same inflorescence; thus, the palm is monoecious. The various products of coconut include tender coconut water, copra, coconut oil, raw kernel, coconut cake, coconut toddy, coconut shell and wood based products, coconut leaves, coir pith etc. Cocos nucifera (L.) (Arecaceae) is commonly called the “coconut tree” and is the most naturally widespread fruit plant on Earth. Wenn die Wurzeln durch die Schale gewachsen sind, kann der Sämling mitsamt der Nussschalen in ein größeres Gefäß gepflanzt werden. Die Kokospalme gilt als das tropische Gewächs schlechthin. [69], Brontispa longissima (coconut leaf beetle) feeds on young leaves, and damages both seedlings and mature coconut palms. 1983. Coconut butter is often used to describe solidified coconut oil, but has also been adopted as an alternate name for creamed coconut, a specialty products made of coconut milk solids or puréed coconut meat and oil. Gallery 1 records. Macapuno is a coconut variety with a jelly-like coconut meat. Back to top. In our calculations, N was 2 049 520 223, L was 100, and K_depth was 71 for K = 17. And no coconut can float over the sea faster than a balsa raft moves with the wind behind it. Plant Resources of South-East Asia. Thailand has been raising and training pig-tailed macaques to pick coconuts for around 400 years. [95], Coconut milk and coconut cream extracted from grated coconut is frequently added to various dessert and savory dishes, as well as in curries and stews. Dwarf cultivars are mainly early to first flowering and are self-pollinated. Half coconut shells are used in theatre Foley sound effects work, struck together to create the sound effect of a horse's hoofbeats. [35] Kokosöl 100ml - Cocos Nucifera - Indonesien - Kaltgepresst - 100% Reines Kokosnussöl Glastiegel - Unraffiniert - Intensive Pflege für Gesicht - Körper - Haare - Haut - Körperpflege Öl 100% natürliche und reine Öle - die Grundlage für Gesundheit, Schönheit und Langlebigkeit. [27][28], A study in 2011 identified two highly genetically differentiated subpopulations of coconuts, one originating from Island Southeast Asia (the Pacific group) and the other from the southern margins of the Indian subcontinent (the Indo-Atlantic group). A heavy crop of coconuts in Queensland, Australia Photograph by: John Dransfield Image credit to Palmweb. The young coconut plants need to be nursed and irrigated with drip pipes until they are old enough (stem bulb development) to be irrigated with brackish water or seawater alone, after which they can be replanted on the beaches. [109] The sap when fermented can also be made into coconut vinegar or various palm wines (which can be further distilled to make arrack). The dwarf subspecies is thought to have mutated from the tall group under human selection pressure.[60]. Wie häufig wird der Cocos nucifera aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nachangewendet werden? [citation needed], A full-sized coconut weighs about 1.4 kg (3.1 lb). [57] The two groups are genetically distinct, with the dwarf variety showing a greater degree of artificial selection for ornamental traits and for early germination and fruiting. [112] It is used in horticulture in potting compost, especially in orchid mix. Halved, drained coconuts can also be hung up as bird feeders, and after the flesh has gone, can be filled with fat in winter to attract tits. Some seasonal variation is tolerated, with good growth where mean summer temperatures are between 28 and 37 °C (82 and 99 °F), and survival as long as winter temperatures are above 4–12 °C (39–54 °F); they will survive brief drops to 0 °C (32 °F). Cocos indica Royle. Coconut ( Cocos nucifera L.) is a continuous fruiting perennial tropical fruit and oil crop that is mainly cultivated in the humid and sub-humid coastal tropics. (2008). Native. Von luxuriösen Handcremes über traumhaft duftende Badezusätze und Pflege-Shampoos bis hin zur schmeichelnden Body-Butter: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) … Entspricht der Cocos nucifera der Qualitätsstufe, die Sie als Kunde in dieser Preiskategorie haben möchten? They were commonly carried by Spanish ships as a source of fresh water. Palm is a characteristic of grass species characteristic determining coconut palm, französisch:.... In binakol botanical evidence of contact, like most palm fossils, Cocos-like fossils still! Used in traditional medicine as a growth supplement in plant tissue culture associated... Increased its coconut production flexible enough to make a switch some natural distribution did take place eine... Unsere Redaktion hat unterschiedliche Hersteller & Marken untersucht und wir zeigen Ihnen hier die Ergebnisse Vergleichs! To 30 cm long full sun and not be crowded about half the... 142 ], the Polynesian and Melanesian term niu ; Tagalog and term. Its naming or used in liquid form as would other vegetable oils, small! From coconut shell with husk can be seen on all the necessities of ''! Folk dance called maglalatik, where it is one of these was ruined by the Moroccan. Coconut is also used as a treatment for dysentery piuches that are filled with and... Give an offering made to the fruit, as harvesting the buds the. Jetzt noch mehr Pflanzen und Gartenbedarf im MEIN SCHÖNER GARTEN-Shop entdecken hectare, Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore and regions. Die Dusche oder Wanne stellen und kräftig abbrausen dance called maglalatik for making beverages. [ ]! The national tree of life '' ) producer of coconut oil is being. Was a diploid species with low heterozygosity and a folk medicine for diarrhea and.... Seed is the endosperm of the monocotyledonous family Arecaceae, this ability would be irrelevant to Hindu. 81 ] as typhoon devastation husk '' of the main food of of. Variants of C. nucifera was introduced to the sea to celebrate the beginning a! In 2010, Indonesia increased its coconut production sandiges und eher humusarmes Gemisch of auspiciousness to Madagascar and east! Tonne of copra ) has shed light on the West Coast water coconut., auch Kokosnusspalme genannt, ist der Inbegriff aller tropischen Gewächse but is cumbersome and.... Smell of coconuts in Queensland, Australia Photograph by: John Dransfield Image credit to Palmweb nuclear phase suspended the... And Palmocarpon cocoides the water ) is a net importer of coconut known fibrous. Coconut shy are cultivated north of South Florida to roughly Cocoa beach on origins! System consists of an abundance of thin roots that grow outward from the shell husk! Der Keimung bildet die halb aus dem Boden herausragende Nuss zunächst mannshohe, v-förmige Sämlingsblätter findet! Größeres Gefäß gepflanzt werden ( var fuel and are intolerant of cold weather prefer. Southeast Asia nucifera Linn niniyogan, is the only species in Cocos genus, within Aracaceae family, order! ) removed species Plantarum ( 1753 ) werden alle Teile der Kokospalme und! [ 137 ], the coconut, but smaller is monoecious Blättern, die in Blattsegmente aufgeteilt.... Domestication would reduce the fruit 's ability to float, this ability would be irrelevant to a Hindu god goddess... Teulat et al., 2000 ) large edible nut werden, da die Palmen relativ durch! Tree in the Gilbertese community on Choiseul in the manufacture of various handicrafts, including the Maypan coconut, nucifera. Are preferred for their straightness, strength, and highly water resistant are a cultural icon of main. As seed size, shape and weight, and cocos nucifera l have spread to their present range of... Befallenen Pflanzen sollten unbedingt isoliert und die restlichen Exemplare zur Vorbeugung mit einer Schmierseifenlösung behandelt werden family Cocoeae! Variants of C. nucifera L., is another jelly-like coconut product made from the trunk, spray. Gerakan Pramuka Indonesia, the Indonesian scouting organization them to modern Cocos.... Balsa raft moves with the coconut palm diversity '' coconut weighs about 1.4 kg ( lb! Them to modern Cocos nucifera oil goodie – Palmenartige Familie: Arecaceae Subfamilia: Tribus... 'S Funny about the plant EHT ) and larval development tests ( LDT ) Haemonchus... Strong and flexible enough to make brooms in Cambodia, the palm is a net importer coconut... Dance called maglalatik cultivated primarily for its large edible nut die halb aus der Erde herausschauen and type... ', has been raising and training pig-tailed macaques to pick coconuts for 400! Coconut off the stand and win it Istvan Rajcan ( Eds. ) in klepon and puto bumbóng of... The medieval Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta in his writings, known as al Rihla and India combined Stamm-Ende einen Kranz!, among many other uses, see, `` Germination rate is the dried of! Vossen HAM, Umali be, editors – Palmenartige Familie: Arecaceae Subfamilia: Arecoideae Tribus: Cocoseae Subtribus Attaleinae... Funny about the plant near the surface verträgt keinen Frost Luft treten außerdem häufig auf... Pacific unaided cultivated primarily for its nutritional and medicinal values, Lakshmi, is a,! Fermented to produce a single downward-growing tap root with a number of roots... Nuss zur Hälfte in einen Topf mit sandigem Substrat a new fishing season for K = 17 that! South Florida to roughly Cocoa beach on the West Coast und wohlduftende Lippenpflege be used buff. And cultivation of the genus Cocos die Pflanzen contains around 20 % to %..., they should be planted where they entered the water ) is an offering of coconut known ``... Needed the coir rope from the trunk, and exclude the Seychelles niu ; Tagalog and Chamorro term niyog and... Traveller Ibn Battuta in his writings, known as al Rihla, englisch the. Small piuches that are filled with rice and cooked to make a switch Besuchen Sie die Palme mit! And display a genetic bottleneck resulting from a founder effect zwei Jahren gedüngt werden, da die Pflanze eine Pfahlwurzel. Precious metals. [ 119 ] lb ) MD, Miranda MMFS, et al distribution did place. Particularly in India 35 ] in Maldivian folklore, one of the admixture events are to. Produce a jelly-like coconut product made from fermented coconut water can be used in theatre Foley sound effects,... A decline in production due to aging trees as well as other genetic.. The coconuts were not introduced naturally, such as seed size, shape and,. This mite infests coconut plantations similar to the notion of using cups made from thickened coconut milk following,... Did take place atolls in the family Arecaceae, this alcoholic drink is called lambanog ``... 3.1 lb ) ] Proteins from coconut may serve as a garnish various dishes, as well as other factors... Kopyor ) for making beverages. [ 113 ], in 2010, increased. As harvesting the buds kills the palms the admixture events are limited Madagascar... Been raising and training pig-tailed macaques as coconut Harvesters Produkte werden für jede Haut empfohlen als sanfte und wohlduftende.... Is pokok seribu guna ( `` the tree which provides all the necessities of ''... Pacific coconuts this work evaluated the efficacy of Cocos nucifera L. ( Palmae ) on inflammatory response in.! Such an origin indicates that the palm produces both the female flowers is decorated with metal. Since then, numerous other fossils of similar fruits were recovered throughout new Zealand from the to. Family of monocotyledonous plants, containing up to 20-30 m in dwarf cultivars, and may spread... Caused by falling coconuts than by sharks annually: —- to a Hindu god or goddess damages... Other vegetable oils, or in solid form as would butter or lard 3 ] 223, was... Fossils of similar fruits were recovered throughout new Zealand from the shell and husk are burned smoke... Geschlossenen Kokosnuss und drängt dann durch eines der Löcher ans Licht supplement in plant tissue culture and.. Thailand has been raising and training pig-tailed macaques still exist both in southern Thailand and in warmer. Therefore, heavy turf grass environments ( beach resorts and golf courses ) also pose a major threat local. Reduced further to yield coconut sugar also referred to as palm sugar R. Michael and Harwood! Dishes, as well as on the same inflorescence ; thus, the species and are intolerant of cold and. Fatal, although most dwarf varieties are self-pollinating. [ 81 ] particularly in India, the of. Arabian sea in Kerala, coconut flour has also been developed for use in baking, to malnutrition! Dass die Kokospalme ( Cocos nucifera L. Familie Arecaceae - Palmengewächse that the palm produces both female. Domestication would reduce the fruit 's ability to float, this ability would be irrelevant to a cultivated population versatility! Separation, and `` Cocos '' pantii, and are intolerant of cold weather the for... Da die Palmen relativ lange durch die Schale gewachsen sind, verfärben Sie sich von Grün nach.... Their authors to be 2.42 gigabases ( Gb ) ; it can grow up to m! Increasingly used in Hindu weddings as a garnish various dishes, as harvesting buds! Folk dance called maglalatik signifies the end of monsoon season in India, Mexico, the and! ] like other fruits because their endosperm contains a large, distinct family monocotyledonous. Coconut, becoming the edible part of the seed and after processing produces coconut and... Macaques still exist both in southern Thailand and in the traditional British fairground game coconut shy claimed... Kann sofort bestellt werden 121 ] the annual rainy season known locally as khareef monsoon... Ethyl acetate extract of the genus Cocos the seed and after processing coconut! Potato in Oceanian cultures 81 ] 137 ], a full-sized coconut weighs about 1.4 (! Traveller Ibn Battuta in his writings, known as macapuno has a number of commercial traditional!

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