About He and She

He and She were two journalism students who loved food too much to resort to microwavable meals. In their free time, He and She studied cooking techniques, flavor profiles and food science. They made the best dinners possible without dropping out of college and going to culinary school.

After graduation, He moved to Chicago, got two jobs and hasn’t been cooking much since. She spent three months learning to cook for one as she lived on her own in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Check the Argentina archives.)

Now She lives in Los Angeles, and happily accepts “He Cooks” guest posts from her other gourmet friends. (See posts from Mike and Alex.)

The original idea of the site remains the same. They’ll share her best dishes, tell food-related stories, and pass along tips to encourage others to cook outside the lines as they learn to do the same.


He designed the website and contributed posts with fantastic photos and videos. He likes meat, beer, hot sauce and Le Creuset cookware. See which beers he has tried, and make suggestions here.



She is the main writer and default photographer since He moved to Chicago. She can’t seem to follow a recipe for the life of her, but somehow the dishes usually succeed. She likes nearly everything except ingredients she considers bitter, like olives, capers, grapefruit and mole. (Turns out there’s a scientific reason.)

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