Belgian White Beer Cookies with Orange Glaze

I don’t even like beer most of the time, but this cookie recipe is a keeper.

You start with two bottles of beer then boil it down with honey until you only have 1/3 cup of liquid. Then mix it with standard cookie ingredients, plus ground coriander and orange zest.

If you enjoy the subtleties of a good brew, as Michael does, you’ll appreciate how the orange and coriander work with the flavors in the Belgian white.

Otherwise, you’ll just be thinking, “Huh, beer cookies? These are better than I imagined. I want another.”

The cookie itself is very cakey, and it stays incredibly soft even after a few days. I mean melt in your mouth soft. The glaze gives it just enough sweetness. To me, it finishes a little bitter, but as I said, I’m not usually a beer fan. Even still, I love these. Perfect for someone who doesn’t like their desserts overly sweet.

Michael and I made these in the winter when I saw the recipe on Cookie Madness. When we made them again last weekend, they were better than I remembered. I’ll definitely be making these in the future. Continue reading “Belgian White Beer Cookies with Orange Glaze”

Goose Island Brewery


I’ve loved beer since my first sip of a Belgian kriek in Brussels, on January 2nd, 2007. I knew at that moment, for the next 2

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weeks, I was going to have a beer with every lunch and dinner. It was as expensive as water sometimes, and tasted waaay better. Also, what better place to start drinking beer with seriousness than Belgium,

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Austria, and Germany? I tried as many as I could and when I came back, despite still only being 20, I knew I must continue to try different beers at school. I found friends who liked me enough to listen to exact and strange orders for beer runs. One girl kept asking me if I was sure it was called an Oatmeal Stout, “Oatmeal? Really? Oatmeal?”. ::sigh::

I quickly exhausted Walmart and Gerbes’ selections, and found myself going with my mom to Binny’s, Sam’s, Cost Plus World Market and Trader Joes when I was home and Arena and Hyvee at school.

A consistent goal of mine has been to “complete” a brewery. I’ve only done this a few times, as good breweries keep releasing new seasonals or testing new beers entirely. My stipulation is not to include trying beers available on tap only, though that would be ideal, it’s not really feasible as my beer wall relies on cutting out the box. For bottled beers, I’ve only finished Leinenkugel, New Belgium, and Goose Island. I am really close on Schlafly and Boulevard (just missing some seasonals). Of course, some breweries don’t make that many styles, so for example, Berghoff is much easier to get through than Schlafly.

I have incredible pride in my hometown, Chicago, and consequently, one of my favorite breweries is Goose Island. I hold many great memories of those boxes. The first time I drank Honker’s Ale in a keg at a friends party in Wrigleyville, the refreshing sips of 312 had outside Cloud Gate at Millenium Park, and many more.

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An Introduction to My Love of Beer


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don’t claim to be a beer expert, but man do I love a good brew. Microbreweries around the US tend to make seasonal offerings that I strive to find and try whenever I’m at the grocery or liquor store. Granted, my budget is that of a student, but I do my best. (I’m currently at around 120 different six packs, see my “beer wall” further down).

If you’ve never tried a seasonal, you’re missing out. Most good local bars will feature at least one or two seasonals from their favorite brewery. Around Columbia, expect to see the latest Schlafly, Boulevard, or New Belgium, and of course Flat Branch rotates their own selections.

Trying new beer is risky, but it’s not too dissimilar from trying new food. If someone tells you it’s good, you sometimes just gotta believe them. And trust me, I’ve spent good money on beers I’ve tried and regretted, but more often than not, I’ve been extremely happy with the learning process.

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