Iron Chef: She Said

We each have something to say about the university Iron Chef competition, but we broke it up into two posts: He Said and She Said.


It’s a day after Battle Rice, and I’m still bummed. I very sincerely feel that we deserved better scores than we received. Overall we came in third place (second in taste). We received no feedback from the judges beyond numbered scores, so it’s hard to tell what they didn’t like. My best guess is that the shrimp curry was too different and spicy for their tastebuds. We knew our menu was risky since the judges were administrators and students, not food experts. But we weren’t going to dumb down the flavors we knew the food should have.

We went with Indian-style dishes because we’re most comfortable with those ingredients and tastes. We wanted to give the judges something different, something that would hit every note on the palate.

The Menu

  • Vegetable and Brown Basmati Fritter with Three Sauces: Curry-Lime Yogurt, Coconut-Mango Chutney and Chili-Garlic Tomato Paste
  • Gulf Shrimp in Coconut-Tamarind Curry Sauce with Red Himalayan Rice Pilaf and Cucumber Raita

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Battle Rice


After last night’s Top Chef finale, I am so excited that today is the Campus Dining Iron Chef competition. Michael, my friend Gwen and I have been paired with a professional campus chef, Jeremy Elmore. Officials told us on Friday that today will be Battle Rice. They will have certain rices available to us, such as brown basmati and red Himalayan, and some standard ingredients. The others we will bring ourselves.

Five teams have one hour to do all prep and cooking for two dishes to be served to five judges. We’ve decided to do Indian food, which will be judged on taste, creativity and appearance.

This weekend, Michael and I

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tested out some sauces. On Tuesday night our whole team got together and cooked both dishes. We’ve decided to make some adjustments,

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but I think we’re ready to go. We have two sophisticated dishes full of flavor. The biggest issue will be time and the limited amount of space to work at. An 8-foot table, I think.

If you’re in Columbia, the competition is 4:30 in downstairs Bingham (the area between Schurz and Hatch residence halls). It should be aired on MUTV as well. But we’ll have a big update here after we win, so don’t worry.

Going for Gold


We are proud to announce that He and She and our friend Gwen will compete against four other teams in the University of Missouri Iron Chef battle next week. The three of us are confident in our cooking skills, but we’ve never been in much of a pressure situation. It will be interesting to see how we adapt to having a time limit and working in a new kitchen.

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