Men: 1.5-pood kettlebell Women: 1-pood kettlebell. A similar version of the “Super Legs” was also used by a trainer named Rob Shaul who designed a program called “Military Athlete” which later on rebranded as Mountain Tactical Institue @mountain_tactical. For more variations or to create a bigger challenge, check out this link. Dan Bailey, a former sprinter for Ohio University and a five-time CrossFit Games competitor, recommends this WOD. Your information has been successfully processed! 20 minute EMOM Partner WOD. Upgrade to "Beastmode"to search, sort & filter every WOD in our database - and more. Reduce the volume and/or go lighter, but anticipate breaking each exercise into several sets. This is a long workout, pace it accordingly, and play to your strengths. 1. 16 Dumbbell Overhead Lunges (2×50 lbs.) Friday 201127. B 15 min EMOM 3 Strict Press. 8 sets* of 3 back squats at 85% (or above) of your one-rep max. With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded in just 28 days. Every minute on the minute for 32 minutes: Minute 1: Row 15 calories (12 for women)Minute 2: Single-leg RDL, 8 per legMinute 3: 20 Split-squat Jumps (10 per leg)Minute 4: Rest, “This workout will help you build lean, strong, balanced legs,” says Ryan McCarthy, a rowing and CrossFit coach at Bowery CrossFit in New York City. 5 Rounds for Time; 20 Air Squats; 20 Alternating Lunges; 20 Alternating Split Squat Jumps; 10 Squat Jumps. Run for 35 minutes. By Lisa Mercer. The page said, “Because we love our CrossFit Stimulus family, we’ve put together over two-weeks worth of travel WODs that require no equipment but it can easily be added if you’re at a hotel with free weights!”. The toes to bar are going to fire up your abs, which you’ll have to use to stabilize yourself on the lunges and the dumbbell thrusters (even … If you’re ready to built thick legs, we have the lower-body CrossFit programming for you. Scaling this WOD This is a long workout—30-plus minutes. 13. Negative energy is totally swept away after one class. Below are 13 partner WODs in no particular order: 1 – Upper Body Pump. If you’re ready to built thick legs, we have the lower-body CrossFit programming for you. Performing this WOD on Memorial Day is done to honor him and other fallen soldiers and is a Crossfit Tradition. 2 Minutes Max Sit-ups. Short and uber intense, CrossFit workouts combine gymnastics, sprints, plyometrics and Olympic weightlifting for an all-around kick-butt challenge.But there’s a good reason people keep coming back for more. As the name implies, you’ll need a staircase to do this workout. Login. 10 to 1 Countdown WOD Do 10 each of kettlebell swings at a moderate weight, followed by 10 dumbbell thrusters (hold a light dumbbell in front of your chest with both hands; squat with dumbbell in place, then stand straight while raising the dumbbell overhead.) This version used “Jumping Lunges” instead of “Split Jump Squats.” It was first incorporated at the end of some workouts from the program around 2009-2010. However, it features four rounds of three movements. Leg Workouts to Build Strength and Conditioning for Crossfitters Improving your leg power and hip drive will have huge impacts on everything from wall balls to snatches, so here are 5 exercises, and how to have fun with them in WODs. 2 Minutes Max Air Squats. This is a list of 20 bodyweight WODs you can do anywhere you have a pullup bar, a box, and a jump rope. 1. What you do: Set a timer and perform the above sequence 10 times. You must complete five rounds and perform this workout for time. CrossFit Ammo work out of the day. WOD #3: 10 Rounds, For Time. Then, lift your feet off the floor and hold your legs in a bent position, with your knees at a 90 degree angle.