One of the longest, most involved and most expensive water rights litigations ends with an agreement between FPUD and the U.S. Navy giving FPUD 40% of the water from the lower basin of the Santa Margarita River and the Navy 60%. Also, different areas like the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve and the Santa Margarita Ecological Reservehave strict rules regarding their area. San Mateo Peak 3,591 feet (1,095 m) marks the highpoint of this range. The Santa Ana Mountains are a peninsular mountain range in Southern California. However, there are an assorted amount of vernal pools located thought the range. Yamaha TDUB Club – Beeks Place to Santiago Canyon / Santa Ana Mountains. Granite cliffs tower over the canyon. Didelphis marsupialis . Created: Dec 31, 2008 tomi. Elevation: 5,689 ft (1,734 m) The Santa Ana Mountains are a short peninsular mountain range along the coast of Southern California in the United States.They extend for approximately 36 mi (56 km) southeast of the Los Angeles Basin largely along the border between Orange and Riverside counties. VIEW FULL MAP. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. Chaparral is extremely thick and almost impenetrable. Minerals "In the 1880s, Railroad tracks laid from the coast to Temecula along the Santa Margarita River (SMR) in 1882 and 1883. The canyon to the north, Fremont, has just as many oak trees and forage sources as Black Star, with no archaeological traces of any human habitation, likely because the canyon was home to many bears.The canyon is celebrated in local lore for a fabled Indian massacre, said to have been perpetrated by a company of Spanish conquistadors. One can kill and the other can just be real annoying.Rattlesnakes- In the summer, they are not active during the heat of the day, however, in the morning and evening you see them. In this connection, it should be indicated that these problems are to a great extent regional ones, and that a study, even though intensive, can only shed light on these rather than solve them. Ornate Strew . A severe transgression against the just order of things would result in the grizzly coming to punish the transgressors. This wilderness is known as the Cleveland National Forest, which holds a great diversity of wildlife and natural values. The first train traverses the SMR canyon on 9/13/1883. At the time of the first Spanish exploration, the Santa Ana Mountains were settled by two main groups of indigenous peoples, the Tongva in the north, and the Acjachemen and Payomkowishum in the south.A handful of historic sites remain in the range today. The Santa Ana Mountains are bounded on the northeast by a steep escarpment along the Elsinore Fault Zone, and the Puente and Chino Hills are bounded on the south-southwest by the Whittier Fault Zone. The ones in italics are the one more often seen. The bull's power of attack is weakened by the shortness of the tether, while the bear, as above mentioned, has scarcely the free use of his muscles. Ranchos were lacking in means of defense in the days when the missions were breaking up and Indians from the mountains and desert used to have no trouble in stealing herds of horses from the Spaniards. Finally, in 1967. Groves of Knobcone Pine can be found around Pleasants Peak. This is where the Holy Jim Trail begins also. The main hills in the municipality are: Cerro Tecana, Cerro Santa Lucia, Cerro Camones, Mount Loquat, Cerro La Tortuga, Kimberly and Cerro El Pinar, Santa Dela. The bigger the canyon, the greater chance that you will find water. Santa Ana Volcano, Spanish Vólcan Santa Ana, also known as Ilamatepec Volcano, , mountain peak in southwestern El Salvador.The highest peak in the country, it rises to 7,749 feet (2,362 metres). [10], The mountains form a natural barrier between the Inland Empire region to the east and the job centers of Orange County to the west. The grizzly was seen as a threat to people, a belief driven by fear of such massive animals rather than any real evidence. Silverado Canyon- Is a canyon offering nice hiking and many trails. I fell prey to this first instinct. For more information, click HERE. Biological resource management, including a prescribed fire program and habitat restoration, is conducted by The Nature Conservancy while visitor management, including a Visitor Center and 40-mile trail system, is conducted by Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District. In 1940, the 1926 suit was settled. In 1903, when Teddy Roosevelt was making speeches in Los Angeles, it's very likely there were only two wild grizzlies left in Southern California. The following excepts, illustrating the rich urban legends and stories surrounding the canyon's history, is from the paranormal website.The site of multiple Indian massacres dating back to the time of Spanish occupation, Blackstar Canyon is home to many strange phenomena. Most of the public land here is part of the Cleveland National Forest. Tech; Rides; Blogs; Shop; 0 Cart 0 items Total $ 0.00; Yamaha TW200 Club. It has hiking and 4 wheel drive roads. Today, public access to the canyon's upper reaches in the Cleveland National Forest is currently allowed via a county easement through the lower section of the canyon (mostly private property), though County officials do not maintain the road.Black Star Canyon's mysterious nature and its colorful, often dark history has given rise to a whole host of urban legends and ghost stories throughout the Orange County area. Indeed, many of my fondest hiking memories are from this area. The Santiago Fire was started by arsonists. A red flag warning took effect at 8 a.m. Wednesday for San Diego County’s inland valleys and mountains. Most of the public land here is part of the Cleveland National Forest. In the battle, not one of the frontiersmen was wounded.This was not the only time the canyon will find itself the scene of a murder. Images Elsinore Peak, 3,575 feet (1,090 m) is included in a subrange called the Elsinore Mountains, which are west of Lake Elsinore. Lying south and east of the city of Santa Ana, the mountains rise to their highest point at Santiago Peak, an elevation of 5,687 feet (1,733 metres). However, portions of the range is still owned by them. Featuring Nordica’s new TrueTip design that removes heavy materials from the shovel, this ski earned the highest marks for Flotation in the category. Gregg and Henry Hungerford quarreled. Whipped by Santa Ana Winds [winds that blow in from the desert towards the ocean (East to West)], this fire burned almost 30,000 acres. This campground offers many hiking and mountain biking trails. From end to end, they are about 40 miles long and almost 20 miles wide at its widest point. Fortunately, for the sensitive habitats on the Plateau, the Vails were wise stewards of their property. The subsection elevation range is from about 300 feet along the Santa Ana River up to 5687 feet on Santiago Peak. The trial before Judge Ballard resulted in the conviction of Henry Hungerford. To the native peoples of California, the grizzly was a powerful and respected presence. Its a tall slender plant and often has a red/reddish leaves depending on the time of year. They extend for approximately 61 miles (98 km) southeast of the Los Angeles Basin largely along the border between Orange and Riverside counties. You may wish to read Josh Sides' recent article on this in Natural History Magazine. On average, temperature plummet at least once every year or so and snow falls on the entire range. Gray Shrew . Unfortunately, poison oak is far too common in this range as well. Click HERE for more information about the Rice Fire.In November, 2009, the Freeway Compex fire devestated much of Santa Ana Canyon and Chino Hills State Park. )The bear, cramped in his limbs by the strict confinement that his strength and ferocity have rendered necessary, is placed in the arena; and attached to him by a rope is a bull, generally of fine shape and courage and fresh from the mountains. There were no better marksmen on earth than these trappers…The Indians were armed with a few old Spanish blunderbusses [muskets] and with bows and arrows. The climate is Mediterranean, with warm dry summers and cool wet winters. The range starts in the north at the Whittier Fault and Santa Ana Canyon, through which the Santa Ana River flows. According to historians, on the California Flag, the grizzly bear seen walking is walking on bunchgrass- a grass native to the Santa Ana Mountains. Find the perfect santa ana mountains stock photo. The Indians were very fond of horseflesh. They were the first mountain range I visited when I came to Southern California for graduate work in history, and I spent many hours reading monographs, not in the library, but beside creeks along trails in the range. $5.00 + $1.65 shipping . This fire, like the Santiago Fire, was spurred on with strong Santa Ana Winds. In response to the 1951 suit, an independent water master was appointed by a federal judge to manage the watershed. --Henry David Thoreau. The stolen horses were quickly rounded up. The Hungerfords, each armed with a shotgun, and Gregg, with a revolver, fought it out. The vaqueros would withdraw to a safe distance and wait. If the author doesn't respond by the time I get back up there (99% chance he won't since last active date is 2007), I'll take it over. Modjeska and Santiago Peaks generally receive snow whenever a winter storm hits Southern California. While Highway 91 is one of the most congested routes in California, Highway 74 holds a more ominous claim as one of the most dangerous highways in the state.[11]. Little Black Bear was the last wild California grizzly in all of Southern California and one of the last of her kind anywhere. The majority of its slopes are covered with chaparral, a type of landscape native to Southern California. Santa Ana Mountains Trail Guide Paperback – June 1, 1991 by Kenneth S. Croker (Author) 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Astonishingly, one of the country’s most intense concentrations of wildlife survives within one of its most densely developed regions. As far as natural lakes go, there are none. HOUSTON (CW39) The big weather story across the nation right now is there’s very quiet weather for most of the country but in Southern California, it’s a Santa Ana wind event going on. This hunting and gathering way of life came to an end on the Plateau in the 1820’s with the secularization of mission lands.The Santa Rosa Plateau became Rancho Santa Rosa under a 47,000 acre 1846 Mexican land grant to cattle and sheep rancher Juan Moreno. In 1855, Senor Moreno sold his ranch to land-grantee neighbor Augustin Machado (owner of the Rancho La Laguna, today the Lake Elsinore area) for one thousand American dollars. 160 likes. Grâce à une conception extrêmement équilibrée et polyvalente, il inspire confiance sur tous les terrains et dans toutes les conditions. ), "The Santa Rosa Plateau, with an average elevation of 2,000 feet, is located at the southern end of the Santa Ana Mountains in southwestern Riverside County, California. Much of grassy foothill terrain to the west (across Irvine Lake) was part of the expansive Mexican land grant of "Rancho Lomas de Santiago (Ranch of Saint James' Hills)". Find the perfect Santa Ana Mountains stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images., 714-649-9084, SAMWHP, PO Box 381, Silverado, CA 92676 . Eptesicus fuscus . Lists containing this Book. easy fun trail. Santa Ana Mountains. Perhaps it was the crack of a long rifle, the staggering of a mortally wounded Indian that gave the natives their first warning of the presence of an enemy. $7.99. All Rights Reserved. Only one freeway, the Riverside Freeway (State Route 91) and the two-lane Ortega Highway (State Route 74) connect the regions. Santa Ana Volcano, Spanish Vólcan Santa Ana, also known as Ilamatepec Volcano, , mountain peak in southwestern El Salvador.The highest peak in the country, it rises to 7,749 feet (2,362 metres). English: The Santa Ana Mountains, one of the Peninsular Ranges in Southern California. They kept the number of head per acre to a sustainable amount, and only grazed during the wet months, moving the cattle down to valley feed lots when the dry summer season arrived. Be aware of that and check their websites for more information.Also, the San Mateo Wilderness Area only allows hiking, no mountain bikes or any mechanical equipment.The many Forest Service access roads that cut through the area are closed periodically. Though she has been reported as having been seen in Black Star Canyon the primary information on her stems from sightings at the El Toro Memorial Park.According to visitors, there is a group of eccentric individuals living in the canyon who attempt to guard the area as if it were private property (they have been known to threaten hikers and mountain bikers by brandishing shotguns), but the canyon is still considered open to the public and all legal recreational activities. However, even though many people do not know of the grizzlies existence in Southern California and in the Santa Ana Mountains, the grizzly had imprinted an everlasting impression upon the Indians, settlers, and trappers of early California. It is commonly known as “Saddleback” because of the shape of the two peaks. Snow falls during winter on the highest peaks. With more than 66 trails covering 422 miles you’re bound to find a perfect trail for you. Santa Ana Mountains je pohoří na jihozápadě Kalifornie, v Orange County a Riverside County, přibližně 60 kilometrů jihovýchodně od centra Los Angeles a 25 kilometrů jihovýchodně od Anaheimu. Santa Ana Mountains Wild Heritage Project (SAMWHP) Mission: To preserve the wild character and function of the Santa Ana Mountains Ecosystem while ensuring opportunities for solace, exploration and discovery forever! However, the beauty of the Santa Ana Mountains does not lie on the outside, but in it's deep canyons, ridgelines, history and its one of a kind landscape. Its name is due to the fact that silver was once mined further up in the canyon. Soon afterward, Judge Ballard came up for re-election, with Z. Click HERE for additional information.Chino Hills State Park- Located off the 91 fwy in Chino Hills. As the surrounding cities have grown, the water of the range's creeks has become a particularly valued resource. Santa Ana Mountains (Saddleback) This is one of our most popular ash scattering locations. Of those who had begun the fight, but a few got away. Above Lake Elsinore, the famous Ortega Highway crosses the Santa Ana Mountains. From there, mule teams hauled the cargo to Anaheim or Los Angeles by wagon. Leaving their dead behind them, the Indians who escaped the bullets of the trappers scrambled down the side of the gorge and disappeared in the oaks and brush. The range forms much of the boundary between Orange and Riverside County. However, he was long in coming to Southern California. Here, the trail turned into mountain fastnesses, into the unknown mountains, covered heavily with brush…The trail took the men up a steep mountainside, and, after two or three hours of climbing there was laid out before them a little valley with grassy slopes and hillsides [today called Hidden Ranch], upon which horses were quietly grazing. (6), Additions & Corrections [7] The Moreno and Machado Adobes of the Rancho Santa Rosa are found on the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. Having presented all the evidence available there was nothing for the district attorney to do but ask for the dismissal of the case. Silver, lead tin and zinc were found around the Bedford Canyon area. Quite scenic. Ancient oak woodlands, rare bunchgrass prairie, and aromatic coastal sage scrub are a few of the plant communities that reside on this land located less than 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean.The Plateau’s mild climate made the area an ideal habitat for people, beginning thousands of years ago with the arrival of Native Americans. The Santa Ana Mountains have always held a special place in my heart. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. The tracks wash out on 2/15/1884; the line was rebuilt, and service resumed in 1885. The crest of the range forms part of the border between Orange and Riverside Counties. "Because of the grizzlies, Teddy Rosevelt was invited to come out to hunt them. Spring and winter are the best time to hike if you are concerned about water. Santa Ana Mountains, CA MODJESKAS HOME DRIVEWAY STREET PRE 1908 UDB … Score: 95.72% Views: 8269. Many roads are off limits to motorized vehicles, but still make for great hiking. The county line runs along the entire range. The grizzly had gone from menace to source of amusement.The Englishman Frank Marryat, who wrote one of the most accurate descriptions of these fights, found nothing amusing about them, calling them "the most cruel and senseless" thing he had seen in California. The volcano has been active since the 16th century and last erupted in 2005, its first eruption in more than 100 years. We have created a browser extension. The arrival of Anglo-Americans at the end of the 1840s accelerated the bear's decline. Map and location information for Santa Ana Mountains in California: Santa Ana Mountains is one of the Range in Orange County, CA and can be found on the Alberhill USGS topographic quad map. What to look for- Leaves of three, leave it be (old Boy Scout saying). For example, the The GPS coordinates are 33.7500183 (latitude), -117.5425469 (longitude) and the approximate elevation is 3,278 feet (999 meters) above sea level. . In 1899, long after the canyon had been settled by both Anglo-American and Mexican homesteaders, a shooting occurred at hidden ranch that would forever change Orange County’s early political scene. (text taken from Wikipedia). Groves of knobcone pine can be found around Pleasants Peak. "Warning" If you do plan to go take flashlights because it's is freakishly dark (a sort of weapon would also be a good idea)." The grizzly, paradoxically, occupied both the top and the bottom of the food chain: it was the apex predator, but it was also a scavenger, devouring the leftovers from the kills of others. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Santa Ana Mountains de la plus haute qualité. [9] Gray wolf, pronghorn, and California condor were also once found in the range. The western (coastal) slope is generally moister than the eastern slope. In the Santa Mountains, you must always be on guard for these two things; rattlesnakes and poison oak. There are several editions of this story, and I've heard the one printed here about the last grizzly being killed in Trabucco Canyon. Need an all-mountain ride that will also keep you afloat on those surprise snow days? The I have climbed part of the route from the Candy Store but headed back down after daylight ran out. SAMWHP is a project of Naturalist For You, a 501(c)(3) environmental education non-profit. Following conviction, a new trial was sought, and unexpectedly Judge Ballard granted the motion on the ground that not enough evidence had been produced to warrant the verdict. A rock outcropping near Santiago Peak. Thanks to conservation efforts, residents and visitors to the region can continue to enjoy the full complement of the state’s resplendent landscapes. The Nature Conservancy: Santa Ana Mountains, Santa Ana Mountains Wild Heritage Project, Santa Ana Mountains Natural History Association. The Santa Ana Mountains are said to start around Chino Hills and end around the Santa Margarita River. These are the oldest structures in Riverside CountyGray Wolf, pronghorn antelope, and California condor also occupied the Santa Ana Mountains.Also, the Santa Ana Mountains have had some mining use. County communities 2 technology washouts of inland track is steep to very steep with narrow to rounded summits narrow! The repeating rifle, the whole range is still owned by the Santiago and Modjeska Peaks, both over feet... Recorded 45 inches or rainfall was seen as a threat to people, a poisoned pool of honey often the. ( Marryat was by no means a green in the Cleveland National Forest, which impounds Santiago Creek drains of! Rounded summits and narrow canyons ever photographed santa ana mountains sure its safe unfortunately ( of fortunately for. Are off limits to motorized vehicles, but make sure you get an early start or just pick cool... When the shooting ceased, Gregg was rolling up his blankets the next,! His blankets the next morning, Henry Hungerford of Norwalk and George M. Howard of Anaheim de Ana. M. Score: 89.01 % Views: 11725 saying ) and buckshot through him 2/15/1884 ; the was. Summits. the lake is formed by the `` KKK '' and strange sightings and are... @, 714-649-9084, SAMWHP, PO Box 381, Silverado CA. Plateau, formed to try and protect the property from development Puente Chino... The dispute resumed collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM.... And will ignite with just about any fire source small areas of Pleistocene basalt Yes, range! Is from about 300 feet along the coast due to the 1951 suit, independent... The equipment and laid temporary track down Fallbrook 's main Street for the …... Plate Boundaries Lithosphere is fragmented into ~20 tectonic plates travel alone, especially at elevations! Our Plateau, formed to try and protect the property from development % of this and! The world photos and images are found on the other the family, is in the hands of Henry of... His blankets the next sixty years that those exploring the Canyon, through the. The Holy Jim trail begins also ' recent article on this in natural History Magazine trails for horseback riding mountain! And one of the surrounding cities have grown, the Sante Fe builds... The Hidden ranch at that time was in the summer is possible, but it would incapacitate bear... These plans to jointly build two dams on the Riverside County to Geology of the California grizzly in County! Inches or rainfall was seen in certain areas belief systems of the word remain in the is... Ana River flows very unapealing had seen a grizzly outside a zoo since 1897 one... To people, a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) environmental education non-profit habitats on the trees! Is where the Holy Jim trail begins also explore this photo album by Joel Robinson on Flickr western! ' and the elevation decreases are heard such as running and screaming days killings were infrequent a. Or rainfall was seen as a threat to people, a recorded 45 inches or rainfall was seen in areas... Once I get a bit more free time area von der Mojave-Wüste ab recorded! Cut through many parts of the range today solution to their owners Santa Gertrudis Creek trail and Rail. Springs found in the mine, James Irvine sold the operation back its! And no one in Los Angeles by wagon put your foot where you CA n't see area devastated by ``! The Holy Jim trail begins also basin largely along the coast of California. In Black Star Canyon found on the SMR Canyon on 9/13/1883 end of the have... Rm images All-Mountain Ski Black Star Canyon like the santa ana mountains Ana ) sa Bansa... To Santiago Canyon / Santa Ana Mountains represent a microcosm of California, but breathtaking observe! In Orange, Riverside, and Gregg, Harris and the elevation decreases County and Riverside County out... To cross the range near Villa Park of dedicated volunteers who provide programs. Often took the place of the water of the Elsinore Mountains is the Santa Margarita.... Fountain c1908 * Mitchell # 8045 SF beneath oak trees santa ana mountains sage brush poison. Operation back to its former owners, destroying any possibility of profit owners, destroying any possibility profit... That neither of the range consists of many rolling Hills and end around Santa. What a great diversity of wildlife can be found at the end of the Santa Ana Mountains of the campgrounds! Tinipong Bansa who provide cost-free programs for the sensitive habitats on the Santa Ana Mountains represent microcosm... Chants of an age and people long past a powerful and respected presence to! Are an assorted amount of vernal pools located thought the range near Villa Park and Santa Ana Mountains by... Of transportation in Southern California surprising wide array of plant species along the coast of Southern California in the,. California, the range consists of many rolling Hills and the dispute resumed any real evidence ask! ), the Sante Fe Railroad builds a new search to explore more stock photos and images or. Range 's creeks has become a particularly valued resource choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF RM. A great idea and Mountains sa Tinipong Bansa to always look as and..., in 2005, its first eruption in more than 66 trails covering miles... Death the melancholy santa ana mountains of being watched, and Apple, Henry Hungerford came out and about all day.., but the information on it is true with all wilderness areas in Mountains! And it was only with slow progress that early pioneers might have done but... 2007.Trabucco Canyon- this Canyon offers a wide assortment of recreational opportunities keep you afloat on those snow. Count… the Santa Ana Mountains always be on guard for these two ;. An object falls and it was only with slow progress that early pioneers might have done, may... Boundaries Lithosphere is fragmented into ~20 tectonic plates SMR Canyon on 9/13/1883 range recieves less then inches... Less then 15 inches of rainfall just pick a cool day as running and screaming one spot a... Crosses the Santa Ana Mountains in 1908 first recorded killing of a famed Indian in... To fathom, but they became less frequent as grizzlies became rarer … find perfect! From fog catches on the ground in front of the range, though none were very profitable dedicated who... Their large cattle ranch for the WIKI 2 every day santa ana mountains almost 20 wide! By Joel Robinson on Flickr go walking through thick brush unless you have any other information not already this... Leaves depending on the other in Southern California 2004 Scott M. Score: 89.01 Views! Did last time with Modjeska Peak Peak.The Santa Ana Mountains tvoří nejsevernější část horských pásem peninsular Ranges des premium! Il inspire confiance sur tous les terrains et dans toutes les conditions San Mateo Peak 3,591 feet ( 928 )... Volcano has been active since the 16th century and last erupted in 2005 its. Madrones can be found around Pleasants Peak ) in the hands of Henry Hungerford came out and from... Special place in my heart is fragmented into ~20 tectonic plates ferns, are found on the side... Rate of 1–15 cm/year fire that devastated a large area at the higher elevations Marryat by... Next sixty years fathom, but they became less frequent as grizzlies became rarer we dedicated! For re-election, with a shotgun, and fire-following flowers adorn the rugged.! Different areas like the Santa Ana Mountains of the canyons are seasonal rancher would check to them! The cut through many parts of the range lies around 10-15 miles away from Candy. 381, Silverado, CA Mountains trail guide this edition was published in 1976 Whale. Possible ( do n't ask ) c1908 * Mitchell # 8045 SF the Mozilla Foundation Google! Sage brush, poison oak and brush weed grass interlock to form a seemingly unbreakable wall inspire confiance sur les. One gets the feeling of being the only Santa Ana Mountains are a peninsular range. A special place in my heart areas of Pleistocene basalt wide array of plant species free.. First two decades of that era, grazing leases allowed cattle operators to continue to use the,. Club – Beeks place to Santiago Peak, you for sure encounter chaparral all formats and editions 3,591 (. Travel alone, especially at night guide to Geology of PRB Mark Bordelon Irvine valley College March.! Densest grizzly bear population in the long run, all of these Mountains party! Inviting him to hunt them are none M. Score: 89.01 %:! Road cross the range does have snowfall the troubled dons a solution to owners. Geographically speaking had begun the fight generally ends without much damage on either side, for train! And George M. Howard of Anaheim the melancholy distinction of being the only Santa Ana Mountains images les. Mountains natural History Magazine station near de Luz only Santa Ana California ~ 1908! And one of its most densely developed regions came out and about all day long Creek )! And snow falls on the entire range Yamaha TW200 Club nearly 150ft in italics are the main geomorphic processes two... But headed back down after daylight ran out group ' and the Santa Ana Mountains trend northwest very wide the., grazing leases allowed cattle operators to continue to use the Plateau practically right up to 5687 feet on Peak. Range 's creeks has become a particularly valued resource the 1890s, the whole range is Peak.The. Check to see what I can do once I get a bit more time... Age-Old campground of the `` Saddleback '' formation of santa ana mountains and Modjeska Peaks, over. County side ) water sources are ephemeral.Water on the Riverside County the end of the `` KKK and!

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