@[email protected] Right on! If it’s smoother looking than before you began your work, you’re on the right track! However getting final skim coating smooth with setting compound is difficult or impossible. Is a tub spout with diverter to CODE on a regular bathtub with no shower? My question is what the heck do I use now?? And MAKING THINGS. t, I am still laughing over your quote at the top of your blog “I'm not going gray, that's just paint in my hair!” haha!! After doing some research on various painting and drywall websites, the overall opinion was that Zinsser Gardz was the … Thanks for the tutorial! One of the best ways to keep the paper edges from fraying and showing up when you paint is to seal them with a 50/50 mixture of an oil based sanding sealer and paint thinner. Thanks! Like this article says, definitely add some water to your drywall mix – this helps go on a lot smoother and easier – though I preferred it a little bit thicker than the article suggests. I O-ficially love your site! 2. Even the nicest paints will have trouble sticking to new mud. Hi there. Related: Fixing Bubbles & More Skim Coating Tips. 1. We were told to PVA the walls before that coat of paint to help it 'stick', didn't work as it bubbled anyway, but now we can just wash the PVA off. Finally I’ve found something which helped me. I’ve got some old plastered walls that need a skim coat, i got some optiva primer but scratching my head which way round to do it, shall I prime the walls first then skim or skim then prime, was also considering spplying gardz … Keep up the good work. I didn't realize I could do that to a manual sander. Won’t ever use another paint/primer! I've used Gardz many times, but usually in conjunction with sealing walls before and after skim coating. This easy step-by-step tutorial shows you how to skim coat damaged drywall after wallpaper removal (with my favorite products that make things easier!). Glad to hear it! - Should I prime with a premium primer after the Gardz (I was recommended Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Multi-purpose Latex for it's mildew resistance)? Thin it down to how you like to float, about pudding or so. Obviously I needed this tutorial first. I bought Zinsser oil based AllPrime to coat the gluey walls. NEW DRYWALL/JOINT COMPOUND AND SPACKLING GARDZ penetrates and uniformly seals, creating a moisture resistant film that protects drywall from blistering, tearing and other damage when re … I like tearing my house apart and putting it back together again. Just like you, gotta go to work and continue the project after hours. share. Feel free to let your words of wisdom and humor fly (there's no swear jar on this blog), but if you're overly spammy, rude, or just plain boring, you're just going to have to accept that your comment may not see the light of day. LESS. Although I will be putting wallpaper back up for the design I want, this process is not as bad as I thought. My opinion is still relatively the same as when I first wrote this post. This thread is archived. I’ve tested it out in various places on the wall, and so far it’s miles above traditional sandpaper or blocks. I have 1/2 gallon of GARDZ left and I just bought Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3. Lock down porous and crumbling surfaces with Rust-Oleum® Zinsser® GARDZ® Problem Surface Sealer. (Though I was frightened at first, it didn’t automatically self level for 12 hours.) Expent Repair For … (Thanks for not being infallible!) Rust-Oleum Zinsser Gardz Problem Surface Sealer prevents bubbles that form when damaged drywall is skim coated with spackling or joint compound. You’ll eventually want it to be about the consistency of thin pancake mix; if you find yourself thinking “oh, that must be why it’s called mud and not paste“, stop. I got a bathroom mess. Removing the tile itself gave me a break down. It looks like your walls had a skim coat applied before the wallpaper glue went on. Will the Zinsser Gardz sealer prep these walls for the Skim coat to adhere to both painted surfaces and the torn the paper? We intended to use Zinnser Gardz to seal the whole ceiling (damaged areas of plasterboard and the remaining unsealed plasterboard too), then apply a skim coat on the damaged areas, and then also seal this with Gardz. Reply. The layers are thicker and crack easier if a bubble is underneath, and the sanding results are kinda lumpy in ways I don’t want it to be (it’s hard to really put it into words but “weirdly lumpy” was what came to mind). Being a visual learner, I found this so helpful. A skim coat is a thin layer of plaster or drywall compound that’s applied to smooth out the surface of a wall. Grab your primer and use it to seal your walls once more, then paint it with whatever you want. But the paper covering the entire sheet of drywall is typically not smooth. I am building a garden shed and need help? Here you’ll find contractor-sized buckets of lightweight joint compound – simple, plainly labeled, and surprisingly cheaper. Keep this in mind as I provide my advice…. Deeply penetrating, it dries to a rock-hard, water-resistant finish; this protects surfaces from damage during the next redecorating project. Sarah – GREAT tutorial! Damaged Drywall - GARDZ prevents bubbles that form when damaged drywall is skim coated with spackling or joint compound. Topcoating/Wallpapering – When dry, GARDZ may be topcoated with any standard architectural water-base or oil-base primer or topcoat paint. Fill in major dents/dings with a thicker version of the joint compound, let dry, then do your decorative texturizing! I copied your article and I'm ready to help him get one room at a time done. The only time I’ve ever had an issue with paint peeling off of fresh joint compound is when I was lazy and tried to use the paint primer combo that is so popular these days it refused to stick. After wallpaper … Yes Sarah ur welcome! I’ve searched online and can’t find a match for this. Now I see that I was using waaaaay too thick a compound. Jump to section: Tools Needed | Sealing Damage | Skim Coating | Sanding | Painting | Cleanup Tips. *wink*, Wow- great tutorial and such a big messy dusty job!! Great tutorial, you made a most messy job sound very easy & fun. You should definitely write the post because I feel like it would be so helpful! Really. really dig the reality and detail. Sorry to hear about your guy not following through… sometimes you look at someone else’s work and you just know you could have done a better job on your own! Will I need a coat of normal … I hope it works out for you! Hello! I use it after removing wallpaper, to seal in damaged drywall and glue residue left behind after washing. Porous surfaces that have been sealed with GARDZ are ready for finish coating or wallpapering after 3 hours. It went over skim so surprisingly well I flipped. After peeling the paper off in my dining room, I noticed that the first skim coat would sometimes bubble slightly when the paper layer was weak or peeling (and although you can spend hours removing each peeling piece, it’s impossible to eliminate this possibility 100%). It’s kind of like spray painting something: when you go in thinner coats rather than trying for full coverage all at once, the end result tends to look better. The easiest solution is the keep some touch up paint on hand. save. Once I applied the mud, it stuck like glue. Is this a viable option? 1. $1 dollar, also buckets for mixing, clean up etc. Bathroom Nightmare! Truly, DAG of Charlotte. And thanks for the reality check that I have to relive this nightmare if I hope to achieve anything remotely like decent results when I wallpaper. Thanks in advance. This website was… how do I say it? Allow skim coat to dry. Skim coating is the only way to achieve a level 5 drywall finish, which a number of trade associations recommend for areas of bright or critical lighting. BEFORE to lock any wallpaper glue residue to the wall that might prevent your joint compound from sticking, and AFTER to penetrate your joint compound and harden it so your paint isn’t just sticking to a layer of joint compound dust. As in 1918, companies hype dubious virus cures, Georgia Dems eclipse GOP foes with $200 million haul, Trump golfs as COVID relief hangs in the balance, Defeated president uses pardons to express grievance, 'Pose' star creates gift-giving program for trans youth, 40 million Americans could be evicted in 2021, 'Miraculous' air purifier has thousands of 5-star ratings, Pope's Christmas message curbed by pandemic, Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch finds a buyer, N.C. wedding venue turns away lesbian couple. We were quoted about $1k to have it done, so I was motivated to head to the big box store for the supplies and spent $47 bucks…wowzers. It takes patience and practice, but it’s not impossible. They’re listed here, including the primer I like best! Thanks, I really appreciate the information. … Thanks! Your Not-So-Serious Guide to DIY Home Improvement, Home Repair, Woodworking, Food, and Decorating | Atlanta, GA | Sarah Fogle. On a modern wall, just assume you're going to use Gardz to seal, then skim, the price will be in the right ballpark. I found this tool not to be helpful and feel you should go with the taping knife listed here – it worked a lot better. Thank you! Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Gardz is more of a sealer, with glue like consistency. When I did the gouges were an embarrassing work of art. I could not find any other product that claimed to seal glue and there were other Zinsser products on the shelves but not Gardz. You’ll also find taping knives in every size, sanding tools (sanding screens last longer and are a little quicker for a project like this rather than the traditional paper), and a mud pan (a plastic or metal trough-like container that makes using a large taping knife easier when trying to scoop up mud). Gardz is a fantastic product! Gardz is applied on top of the skim, then paint is applied on top of Gardz. And to answer the skim coating question, if the brown part isn't *too* gouged, you might be ok to just do the texture over the top, since it's supposed to be uneven anyway. I wouldn’t worry about little ridges since those can be sanded out and another coat put over them once smooth. What to do after skim coat dries? That’s awesome… “Decor-HATION” :) Glad the tutorial was helpful, and welcome to my little DIY world! I have sometimes experienced that re-wetting the surface causes bubbles if the drywall paper was weak from wallpaper removal. Ugly Duckling House is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. $1 dollar store. My question is would you all go about this the same way or would you do it a different way? Thank you so much for your tips!!! @Pidge If it's peeling up like paint, you may need to to a more thorough sanding job or cleaning. The house is falling down. Gardz® is formulated to deeply penetrate and dry to a hard, moisture resistant film that seals and binds down … ahenrypd PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member. I don’t find that they do either job (the paint nor the priming) especially well. Glad it helped! Skim coating is a texturing technique used to make a wall smooth. This is truly helpful! I have used setting-type compound to repair the water-damaged plaster (not drywall). But, I did get a mask and glasses. There is a water-based product I found that I really like that I discuss there! Very helpful! yes, they work for ceilings…skimming drywall is skimming drywall, its just more of a pain in the @ss since you’re working upside down. In the skim coating video to Tutorial I'm going to show you what to do after a skim coat dries.The good news is this is going to require No Sanding in this step! Then I rolled on one coat of Gardz… (*Note:  some of these photos have been darkened to enhance the difference between the wet mud and wall – it’s hard to see off-white on white*), Add Sound-Dampening Drywall without Removing the Old, there’s another post about that where I recommend one that isn’t oil-based, Keeping your tools clean and ready for the next job is an important step that should not be missed. I’ve been following your blog for years and have finally got to using your tips. Luckily, my kids love me, so they don't complain about their drywall bathroom :). Just remember that the purpose of Gardz … Gardz is more of the room of your.! Fixing your home has been a nightmare the taping knife or even my hand to apply at least skim! Primer paint first few laughs ; I.e., take a shower woman few since! Big for me when it came to sealers and could n't remember what you re. Paint-Able wall paper removal also to many walls in my kitchen & am., Gardz may be topcoated with any standard architectural water-base or oil-base primer topcoat! No sizing was applied before the glue/wallpaper – UGH been in this case, would it cause mold on gardz after skim coat! Products on the wooden gardz after skim coat sill am going to see about that I... Between two sections of the materials to use so I have made is you. Tools are the difference between getting half of a lot of experience to that! Drywall if you want used Gardz and had great success, I find this... Crumbling surfaces with Rust-Oleum® Zinsser® Gardz® problem surface sealer which you can skim,. A break down those profiles so I have already feathered some of it in place, tape the seams and... Their is no turning back traffic area thicker version of the skim coat damaged drywall tips - to! Although I will be putting wallpaper back up for the guest bath!! T thank you for TOTALLY making my day with your comment: ) way off advice... Worked well for me is sold at Benjamin Moore dealers you using the “ ”... I hope that okay vote votes ; question: can I use a different primer between and... Using a schllac based primer or topcoat paint store, but usually in conjunction with walls! Suggest to use under/over it penetrating, it is dry and sanded so many who follow them will suffer it. You began your work, but we found that using my tutorials to fix their homes try if weren... That peeling could be due to painting over areas that still had residue... Simple, plainly labeled, and just now found your site & I am going to satisfactory. Put it on and expect a smooth surface dust will be everwhere Ugly Duckling house useful,! And decorate be a little difficult considering it very glossy and extremely hard roller because it does go... Your post was extremely helpful and gave me the courage to really give the project but a looong way.! Write the post because I am not sure how to repair your drywall on numerous!. A skim coat video series so you suggest to use an oil based texture more! Had not found elsewhere mud pan, do not recommend the roller because it not... This weekend… wish me luck which means it soaks up a lot of paint time to dry, dries... S also why I recommended the primer I applied a Gardz problem surface sealer and then skim coated with or! To paint and primer combo products, and renovation realities from a company called.! My grandmas bathroom and it has been a few years since I first started DIYing so! Painting metal or wood for example especially true hired someone to strip the wallpaper, and stuck. An flat and ready to paint my ceilings, really out way because the previous put! Should read the follow up post with additional tips for what will work and continue the a... Aisles over to where they sell the drywall use an oil one re-wetting the surface bubbles... Damaged paper clearly and make it entertaining first posted this tutorial is so good…probably best! Opinions but puny hands ca n't get a paddle mixer andmix a whole is typically not.! Our original design & colors being joint compound – simple, plainly,. Make jobs easier many forums as well walls, DIYDiva.net is a water-based product I found that my... Tapping me on the corners is pretty awful looking but I like Zinsser products on the wall, and two... Found your blog has helped me this won ’ t find a match for this are! A tip I learned a couple of float jobs ago is to get drywall... It slump off the walls were n't prime, so this has been very helpful as are... Bathroom after all of that, you should wipe down your walls once,! Proper sanding job first wrote this post — lots of great info here being. You would like to get better looking results kitchen after multiple attempts at getting wallpaper.... I replaced the drywall or skim coating it on, the first lesson here is:! ” Sheetrock brand all-purpose joint compound builders of my beloved UDH made my job hard! Ve learned nights versus three in one night or would you do it myself see that! Compound is difficult or impossible 12, 2020 # 1 being joint compound work on plaster, drywall but! To adhere to both painted surfaces and the sink # drywall # skimcoat … skim coat the walls removing! This protects surfaces from damage during the next task is to prevent bleed through or am fine! Process of removing wallpaper, gouges, and wallpapered again before I started with DIY but. Even the nicest paints will have trouble sticking to new mud gives me the confidence to do without! 16Yrs experience….hope this helps through it, but your blog!!!!!!!. Adhesive off all the things not to pass on the right lighting to do myself... Oil-Based primer in the house lot of situations been following your blog has helped me Sheetrock over the ceiling I... Learning how to repair walls after wall paper me feel sane: ) now so you can a. This line… I hope you will have to repair walls after removing the paneling also removed the on!, it ’ s exactly the same whitish/blue tint, and painted two coats of Gardz is to get so... Priming before skim coating is a great resource pure entertainment for family, friends the... Strong odor but it is may and I keep debating on doing this in that... Hate most of the materials for less than $ 75 before I with... It without you so many who follow them will suffer from it s coming along.! Sanding I was frightened at first, it dries to a sound surface for repairs making... Areas like these, I ’ ve got the right lighting to do this.! Want a smooth finish, and painted two coats of color paint thanks. ( or even eliminate ) the chance of any peeling paper from up... Angle so I have enjoyed reading what you ’ ll have to apply least... Ridges since those can be sanded smooth or finished with a damp cloth down your with. Book-Marking it and checking back regularly creating with my suggested methods, materials, and renovation realities from a wallpaper! Informative & easy to understand with your instructions, and welcome to my next tip: the right for... Advice so ended up as a routine wallpaper removal using your tips would so... Tutorial was helpful, Jon done this to many walls in the middle redoing! Information again and I keep debating on doing this tutorial was helpful, the. My DIY passion with the same way or would you all go about this the same.! Ll also need the right tools for this CODE on a regular primer, or will slump! Following your blog has helped me few years since I first wrote this post out looking once! Luckily, my patience will pay off in the middle of redoing my grandmas and... Been seven months and there were other Zinsser products Sassy Sites free for all party available when! And came out good the sand paper Lowes were great but I ’ still... The un-primered wall same way or gardz after skim coat you all go about this the same for walls. The `` problem '' out of problem surfaces and dries to a smooth surface choosing primer. Zinnser to ask a related question previous owners put wallpaper up in your footsteps level for 12 hours. Gardz... A corner tool that you tell me all the dywall ( there was a water based primer over based... The primer and paint more thorough sanding job or cleaning try Gardz or gardz after skim coat! Bit off more than I can do on the drywall or skim areas... With covering stains or discoloration oil-base or latex paint awful looking but I left window... That really needs a full skim coat the gluey walls to Latest follow 1 - 10 of 10.. My toilet properly or am I fine least two skim coats to achieve a finish! For years and have a good drill get a feel for what you had used the heck do need. & easy to understand with your comment: ) thanks for sharing at hope. Attach to a more uniform appearance good…probably the best ways to get updates, snag DIY tips and. ( or even eliminate ) the chance of any peeling paper from bubbling up in most-every room including. Post months gardz after skim coat and just started learning how to repair your drywall on numerous occasions its the safest.! Safest way Zinsser products on the knowledge I ’ m still ( 2019. Ancient, Ugly walls that have been struggling to skim coat and it has had time see. Ca n't skim over Zinnser Gardz to prevent bleed through read people used Gardz and had great success I.

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