An Introduction to My Love of Beer


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don’t claim to be a beer expert, but man do I love a good brew. Microbreweries around the US tend to make seasonal offerings that I strive to find and try whenever I’m at the grocery or liquor store. Granted, my budget is that of a student, but I do my best. (I’m currently at around 120 different six packs, see my “beer wall” further down).

If you’ve never tried a seasonal, you’re missing out. Most good local bars will feature at least one or two seasonals from their favorite brewery. Around Columbia, expect to see the latest Schlafly, Boulevard, or New Belgium, and of course Flat Branch rotates their own selections.

Trying new beer is risky, but it’s not too dissimilar from trying new food. If someone tells you it’s good, you sometimes just gotta believe them. And trust me, I’ve spent good money on beers I’ve tried and regretted, but more often than not, I’ve been extremely happy with the learning process.

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