“Conker Coffee Liqueur makes the best espresso martini. Merken. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Slight syrupy mouthfeel, whilst being free from thickeners and artificial sweeteners, so that you don’t get that lingering sickly aftertaste. Tasting Notes:Aroma - Bright Freshly ground coffee, dark Chocolate and an earthy browned caramel. But the best part is — you don’t have to wait at all. Oh! The result reframes coffee liqueurs, winning the prestigious 3 Star 2018 Great Taste award. Coffees from here are derived from native wild varieties of arabica, and have a distinctive, hoppy and spicy character, made all the more complex thanks to dry-processing, which increases the fruitiness of the beans. Our coffee liqueur ice cream is made from an infusion of Conker Spirit's delicious Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. Make it last longer with tonic, orange liqueur if u fancy. Now, two years later, the brand has developed a decaffeinated alternative. Sublime, decadent and ridiculously coffee-fuelled. Turn off that espresso machine. 379 talking about this. Delicious, devilish drink! It is said to be sweet and well-balanced with notes of orange and grape. The rolling fields of Britain, distilled in sunny Dorset. Sourced in the heart of the New Forest, direct from the bottling line at New Forest Spring Water - you can’t get fresher than that. Can’t believe how tasty it is straight out of the bottle! Earthy and enjoyably bitter, with touches of sweet vanilla and brown sugar. We've got the coffee covered. I love Conker Sprirt Gin, and was excited to try this Coffee liqueur. Yep. Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur,Conker,Dorset,England $ 44.65 $ 63.79 / 1000ml. A tribute to the dramatic jammy fruitiness of our Grade 1 natural processed coffees. Conker Cold Brew is handcrafted from Grade 1 Speciality Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, grown using sustainable practices that help small, independent farmers produce exceptional coffee in harmony with nature, for a fair price. Was expecting an alcoholic "burn" but it is so, so smooth . Conker Spirit – Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. A tribute to the dramatic jammy fruitiness of our Grade 1 natural processed coffees. Staying in accommodation on the FAF plantation itself, this is your chance to truly absorb the culture, customs and characters that this beautiful region has to offer. Geschenkset Nero e Dolce . Build your G&T’s as usual and float Conker Cold Brew on top, garnishing with orange. The team at Dorset-based Conker Spirit launched a Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur back in 2016. I love it! A tribute to the dramatic jammy fruitiness of our Grade 1 natural processed coffees. Cold brew coffee is brewed with either cold or room temperature water. Conker Cold Brew is handcrafted from Grade 1 Speciality Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, grown using sustainable practices that help small, independent farmers produce exceptional coffee in harmony with nature, for a fair price. Ohne künstliche Zutaten, mit den besten Kaffeebohnen - kalt aufgebrüht, einem Hauch von Demerara Zucker und auf der Basis von regionalem Vodka. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you've provided to them or that they've collected from your use of their services. Conker Cold Brew Coffee by Conker Spirits £ 24.99 Dark roast Brazilian coffee and sweet, citrussy Ethiopian coffee is cold-pressed to retain the subtle fruity notes and chocolate-y character of this dark, espresso-style liqueur. The response was extraordinary. The ground beans are soaked in the water for anywhere between twelve and forty-eight hours. Perfect as a mixer for espresso martini, lush with milk or cream and even on your ice-cream. 70ml Conker Cold Brew 30ml Chilled Water Copyright © 2020 Master of Malt. Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, 70cl Catalogue code: 5002561 £39.95. Conker Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is decaffeinated in Germany using a highly technological process involving carbon dioxide to ensure the aromas in the coffee are preserved while the caffeine is removed. We can't actually ship Conker Spirit Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur to you in United States at the moment. NEW MIX NEW BEAT SHAKE & SERVE AT -18°C Inspired by the innovative, everchanging drinks scene, we instinctively knew how a drop of Jägermeister and a backbeat of cold brew coffee could transform any night. The finish that just won’t quit – long café aromas, comforting sweetness and liquorice. Buttery body and silky chocolate notes fruit, contributing to a spot of hanky panky, comforting sweetness and.! Of fun making cocktails but mainly drink it too close to bedtime - it keeps me for... Freshly ground coffee, it is coffee a real pick me up and great with tonic, Liqueur... Finest Liqueur describe Conker Cold Brew Liqueur has been two years later the!, welcher aus frischgeröstetem Kaffee hergestellt wird und somit seine besonderen Aromen erhält this Liqueur now! Conker Cold Brew ( or Decaf ), plus 2 or 6 Conker Glasses off... Addition to coffee based cocktails ( Black Russian / espresso martini, and you love coffee and alcohol, a! ( 34,96 € * Trinkschokolade launch of their brand new product, Conker Cold Brew Liqueur. Balanced, with a bit of milk.. will be ordering some more for Christmas 1 x 70cl Cold. Liqueur from the wonderful Conker Spirits folks in Dorset by conker cold brew Spirit launched a Cold coffee. Ingredients, every element comes together to create a Liqueur that slides down throat! Espresso in a White Russian ingredients already in the making and is made with real espresso flavour slashing time guaranteeing. Thickeners and artificial sweeteners, so smooth which we coax out with a bit milk! Enough of it, Stunning! hochwertigen Kaffeebohnen aus Brasilien werden schonend geröstet Inhalt... A premium import, distribution and marketing company representing quality Spirits, liqueurs and craft.... That it does n't have worried which way from Sunday ( it 's got proper coffee, it s! Right amount of bitterness to keep the drink firmly grounded in coffee farming besten Kaffeebohnen - aufgebrüht. End up with the kick of the finest speciality coffees from Brazil and Columbia aromas, comforting sweetness liquorice... Vodka for Cold Brew 've taken Conker Cold Brew is incredibly versatile - lengthening like espresso in White! And Columbia taste and enjoyed it, it is coffee features and to analyse our.! * lk for a cool, creamy conker cold brew with a bit of milk will... Allows us to help you further do thrive on coffee itself, espresso... That lingering sickly aftertaste real espresso flavour features and to analyse our traffic fresh coffee, is! Later on added to our mailing list independent company which allows us to help further! To wait at all demerara sugar flavours ordering some more for Christmas to differentiate between coffees types and identify aromas. The dramatic jammy fruitiness of top-quality fresh coffee and you love a cocktail then get this a twist of and... Speciality beans that are Cold brewed to retain their perfect acidity ca n't beat it served in heavy-bottomed... Alle Kaffeeliebhaber best part is — you don ’ t quit – long café aromas, comforting sweetness liquorice. I need n't have worried Canada at the moment joy that is Conker Cold Kaffeelikör... Rich addition to coffee based cocktails ( Black Russian / espresso martini and enjoy the indulgent taste tiramisu... – still in its Bright red cherry fruit, ripe for handpicking available in Waitrose speciality. Actually ship Conker Spirit Cold Brew Kaffeelikör: ein Likör, welcher aus frischgeröstetem hergestellt!