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Food Science

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So I found out my professor for Intro to Food Science and Nutrition now posts our lectures to iTunes U.  There goes all my incentive to go class. I could  sit at home with a sandwich, or I could sit next to 400 smelly freshman. OK they don’t all smell, and I usually get to sit next to our friend Kat, so it’s a good deal mostly. Lemme just clarify  something.

This book is cool.

My class is nothing like this book. ::sigh:: My class  is missing lore.

I don’t want to work for Kraft Foods or memorize all the chemical names for fake sugar. I want to  learn about lore dammit.

Oh well. I took the class because my advisor said I needed 3 more random credits to graduate. I thought maybe, just maybe I’d be interested in the topics. University lectures have let me down once again.

On a brighter note, my sandwich was fantastic. I think we’re making Indian for dinner tonight? I hope so.

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