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Foodie Shopping

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I am emphatically not a fan of shopping for clothes. But grocery shopping? Well, it would be in a top 10 list of my all-time favorite activities. I love seeing all the food in one place. When I’m standing there, I can visualize any meal. I look at the shelves and imagine all the uses I could put each item to. Another thrill? Getting the best bargain. Comparing brands and sizes and considering quality makes shopping with me no quick trip, but I take satisfaction in knowing I got the best for my money.

Of course, I’m prone to impulse buys, too.

I’m probably the only person to have ever gone to the store for milk and come out with kohlrabi and beef tongue as well. The moment I left the store, the absurdity of my purchase hit me.

What’s the most interesting/strange/funny collection of items you’ve bought at a grocery store?

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