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Pure cane sugar

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Read this bit of news over at Daring Fireball. Pretty exciting, hopefully it will spur more of the carbonated beverage industry to use cane sugar. I love Dr. Pepper, and I’ve never tasted it better than in Galveston, TX because they bring it up from Mexico, and don’t use any of that High Fructose Corn Syrup crap. I don’t really know the whole explanation behind sugar import laws and whatnot, but I know it would be more expensive to use pure cane sugar on a large scale. (Do you have any idea how much soda we drink every year? Coca-Cola sold 22.7 billion gallons worldwide in 2007 alone)

My personal favorite beverage companies

using pure cane sugar are Fitz’s Sodas from St. Louis and Goose Island’s Root Beer from Chicago. (Goose Island makes some killer real beers too, I’ve tried every style they have bottled except two of the special seasonal brews. Maybe one day I’ll write up a review on 312 Urban Wheat, one of my favorite wheat beers.)

Let’s hope Coca-Cola does the same thing as Pepsi, let’s use our dollar votes to stimulate this economy everyone is complaining about, and let’s make throwback the new hotness.


Gerbes sells Mexican Coca-Cola in glass bottles in the “ethnic” aisle. Unfortunately, it was like 1.29 or 1.79 per bottle… lame. Still, if you’ve never had it, I strongly suggest you at least try it once, see what you’re missing.

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