Making Pizza at Home

You might know this already, but many of your favorite pizza places will sell you just the dough for cheaper than a slice. A large pizza dough from Shakespeare's is a dollar. A small can of plain tomato sauce is 45 cents or less from the grocery store (and you can cover two pies with one can). Cheese is what, $2 or $3? The whole thing cooks in 10 minutes, and this way you don’t have to tip anyone.

From there you have so many possibilities. I jazz up the sauce with garlic, herbs, red pepper flakes and red wine. We put cornmeal on the bottom of the pan, and brush the crust with olive oil, rosemary and sea salt. We go nuts with toppings. I recently made bacon, artichoke and mushroom.

You can also try different sauces for the base. We’ve done barbecue sauce with chicken and green peppers; hummus with ground lamb and feta; and peanut sauce with chicken, carrots and sprouts.

The dough doesn't always have to be turned into a pizza. I like to make it into hamburger buns, breadsticks or quick focaccia with olive oil, garlic, rosemary and sea salt. Then there was the time we made a cross between a calzone and Turkish pide, filling the dough with ground beef, vegetables and spices, then twisting it into the traditional pide shape. 

What's your favorite pizza topping you can't get delivered?


4 Replies to “Making Pizza at Home”

  1. Shakespeares will also sell you sauce for cheap.

    Additionally, they will roll out and prebake the crust for no additional charge and send it home with you in a box. So, if you are making a pizza to take to a friend’s house you have a box to transport it in.

  2. I love making pizza at home! I have been using pizza dough recipes from Martha Stewart and Peter Reinhart – I store balls of dough in the freezer so that I always have it on hand.

  3. Another great use for pizza dough: cinnamon rolls.

    A commenter on another post mentioned it here.

    We bought dough today, rolled it out, covered it with 4 tablespoons of butter, 3/4c brown sugar and 4 tablespoons of cinnamon, then rolled it up, sliced pieces and baked them at 375. Spread with some cream cheese frosting…awesome.

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