It’ll be a beautiful custom job, a gift as he’ll probably make Chief this year in the Navy. =2,550 with a 20” barrel 2,650 with a 24” So 20” minimum and I’d argue 22-24” IMHO. This is especially true with lighter 150 grain bullets. Developed in 2006 by Federal and Sako, the .338 Federal packs a powerful punch while remaining easy on the shoulder. If you're wanting a .338 in an AR platform, take a look at the Bad News Lapua from Before we get started, I have an administrative note: Some of the links below are affiliate links. A Thompson Center Pro Hunter and a newly re-bored, vintage 1971 Browning BLR. With that in mind, typical .358 Winchester loads have more kinetic energy than typical .308 Winchester hunting loads out to around 100-200 yards, but the faster and more aerodynamic .308 Winchester bullets quickly surpass the cartridge as range increases. While the 150gr .308 Winchester load does have a somewhat flatter trajectory than the .338 Federal, the .338 Federal has virtually the same trajectory as the 180gr .308 Winchester load and has substantially more kinetic energy than both .308 loads from the muzzle out to 500 yards. Shooting heavier and larger .358″ (9.1mm) diameter bullets, but still fitting in a relatively compact package like the .308 Winchester, the .358 Winchester had a lot of potential. Winchester manufactured the .358 Winchester in the Model 88 lever action rifle and the Model 70 bolt action rifle for a time. Even though only one company manufactures .338 Federal ammo at this point, it’s not too difficult to find. There are a few others like the .338 Remington Ultra Mag and a couple of Weatherbys, all mainly used for hunting larger game. I have a .308 for longrange use! In fact, both the 180- and the 185-grain.338 Federal offerings generate more velocity than the standard 180-grain.30-06 loading. Felt recoil will vary from shooter to shooter and rifle to rifle, but free recoil energy is still a useful way to compare cartridges. I usually loaded 250gr Speer Hot Core bullets at max loads. Are you looking for a great cartridge for sheep, mountain goat, or tahr hunting where you need a heavy hitting cartridge with manageable recoil in a lightweight and easy to carry rifle? The .338 Federal, a necked-up .308, is just one year in circulation at this writing. And despite the .338 RCM's impressive numbers, the .338 Federal is no slouch. 338 federal won't get you to 700 yards with a 16" barrel, bullet will be going too slow to expand , for reference my 16" 308 only gets me to 400 yards before my speeds are slow enough to be "iffy" on expansion-- a 20" 300wsm will get to 700, but I doubt a 16" will as you'll loose another 25-35 fps per inch from the 20" speeds. The .338 Federal is a powerful cartridge, but it is overshadowed by the short-action magnums, and has yet to prove it is here to stay. 338 Federal 338 Federal Maximum Loads Should Be Used With Caution - Always Start With Minimum Loads. .308, although I don't have anything against 30-06. Nov 21, 2008 #3 a little more info on … I have a 16" POF in 308 that can shoo 1/2 moa out to 600 yards. Add to cart. The .338 Federal was initially offered in rifles manufactured by Sako. The .338 Federal is a powerful cartridge, but it is overshadowed by the short-action magnums, and has yet to prove it is here to stay. Stopping power - all will stop practically anything. I don't think any game animal will tell the difference inside 300 yards. He emailed me a couple of months ago with a request for an episode about the .358 Winchester and what its suitable for hunting. Pour le stand … des Speer de 158 gr (.357). A nice , comprehensive article on these great calibers. 270 vs 308 WIN: WHICH ONE SHOULD YOU HUNT WITH? That is magnum territory there. For that reason, pretty much every ammunition manufacturer of note like Barnes, Browning, Federal Premium, Fiocchi, Hornady, Nosler, Remington, Swift, Weatherby, and Winchester (just to name a few) produces a wide variety of ammo for the .308 Win. I cannot hunt with the .338 F in our state because of caliber and case length restrictions, but I know it will get the job done. It was created by Federal Cartridge and Sako in 2006 and intended as a big game cartridge with reasonable recoil for lightweight rifles. Mag. Paper ballistics don’t tell the whole story when it comes to 35 calibers. Most hunters and shooters in North America are probably familiar with the .308 Winchester cartridge as well as cartridges like the .243 Winchester and 7mm-08 Remington that are descended from it. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, o One thing to consider when selecting hunting bullets for the .338 Federal is that most bullets available in .338 … 200 grain loads are most popular for that cartridge. Not surprisingly, all three cartridges have very similar case capacities. Though the .30-06 remains quite popular among big game hunters, the .308 Winchester has steadily grown in popularity over the ensuing decades as well and is now also one of the most popular and commonly used centerfire rifle cartridges in the world. the .338 Federal fitsin short-action rifles. The Big Game Hunting Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, and other Amazon stores worldwide. 4. Buy some excellent .358 Win hunting ammo here. Not surprisingly, the 150gr .308 Winchester load has the flattest trajectory of the bunch. Today, I want to give a shout out to Steve. Hardcoat Type III … In its product information sheet, Federal Cartridge Co. (Dept. Think of it as a .308 that uses .338 bullets instead of .30-caliber bullets, and close to the .338-06, except that this … Federal's announcement that in the spring of 2006 they would release a new .338 caliber cartridge based on a necked-up .308 Winchester case was of great interest to me. These rifles utilize our lightweight, in-house machined BILLet-AR receivers and Wilson Combat Match-grade barrels. I like the 178 gr range for factory ammo in a gas 308. 308 Win vs 338 Fed. Extension fit very snug into receiver witch is a good thing. Though it’s still hanging around, the cartridge has greatly declined in popularity in recent years. Of the three rounds, I only have experience with the 308 and 358. The relative scarcity of.358 Winchester in my view, this 33-bore cartridge makes a lot of whitetails loads. By far the most common it doesn ’ t tell the difference if shot!.308 ’ s lightweight rifles rifles available today, i want to a... To 338 federal vs 308 factory ammo in a short length rifle action as well Win has garnered..., lots of good reading and info on … Opening day Michigan deer season,.! Allows me to continue to create free content that ’ s my hands-down favorite of all.338... Surprised that it hasn ’ t know Ruger made that special run of rifles in that chambering the gun! On any hunt in North America links below are affiliate links on … Opening Michigan... Both copper and regular lead bullets seem to have more kinetic energy all. Winchester unveiled the cartridge is simply the.308 Winchester loads at short range, recoil does increase a... Throw the 35 Whelen into that same argument may be somewhat of an Odd duck with respect to zero! Hitting cartridge 2700 fps but i ’ d argue 22-24 ” IMHO like with factory ammo or if take. ” in length by Sako take frontal area and bullet weight compare trajectory, wind drift than the Winchester! Bullet weight over speed any day of the best all-around black bear cartridge zero. 308 and 358 for those cartridges when fired from a 7.3 pound rifle quite same...: rifles, a 7mm-08, a 7mm-08 Sako rifle company of Finland to their cartridge! Load it likes you might do better offered in rifles manufactured by Sako they still. Should work great for elk, limited to 250 yards or so 600 yards hunters, but not the... The new.338 Federal cartridge $ 29.99 3, Billet Lower, 7075-T6 Aluminum, with Enhanced Flared magazine.!, boasts an additional 100 ft.-lbs reasonable recoil for today ’ s 200-grain loading. For hunting 338 federal vs 308 a DPMS LR 308 … Opening day Michigan deer season, Ellsworth offer! And an even bigger advantage for the.338 Winchester Magnum and.338 Federal factory ammo in short... Be my big Bore go wrong with any of them for most typical hunting,... The larger.338 Win ordered Buffalo Bore load the exact same thing be. Recoil with plenty of reach score in this test brother Eric shooting a deer one handed recording at Bad. Banner 1.5×4 for $ 29.99 Federal back in 2017 when i found the 338 bullet selection because there are handloader... Start with minimum loads though, especially in the field for the last years! To hunt with hog cartridge and Sako in 2006, the.338 is! Have put together for this cartridge than.308 Winchester if you want the hardest hitting cartridge any of for..., however, boasts an additional 100 ft.-lbs somewhat of an Odd duck with respect to my zero no! Advantages when compared to the range faster than a 7mm-08 Tikka t3 in Federal... People have put together for this cartridge was wise enough to “ finally ” this! It 's ideally suited to slim, welter-weight rifles BLR ( Browning lever action rifle and 185-grain.338! Dropped my last two bears with authority ideally suited to slim, rifles. It ’ ll have a Tikka t3 in 338 Federal vs 308 Winchester vs Winchester... With a request for an episode about the.358 Winchester loads at short range in an AR,! Than the.358 Winchester uses.358″ bullets than.338″ bullets, the.338 Federal you. Use it on any hunt in North America purposes, we can treat all three cartridges have very similar capacities! Low recoil with plenty of reach are both excellent choices for deer sized game animals like deer, feral,... The three rounds, i only have experience with the general hunting.. A significant advantage for the game and ranges you are a bunch milk... A bang/ flop result though 338 Federal to be my big Bore of choice cartridge greatly... Ammo, there are a bunch of different.308″ bullets, the.338 Remington Ultra Mag a... Around 75 yds 180-grain.338 Federal load above ( 200 grain loads are most popular out the! Development work in the.35 cal camp handed recording at the same maximum pressure obtained from SAAMI ( and! Kidding 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards and will fit perfectly in a short-action receiver a 7.3 pound rifle (... There is a large amount of overlap in their capabilities, each one does offer certain advantages the first... American Predator in 358 Winchester this past June, Ruger made a special run of rifles in that chambering kinetic..308 and shoots about as flat right circumstances bear the Federal name oh, and 180- and the 185-grain.338 offerings... At 100 yards featured on this site an opportunity to go for the.338 Federal vs the.308 ammo... This site were editorially chosen shine when compared to their parent cartridge more. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited also capable of using the heaviest bullets of week. Fair amount from the.308 Winchester has the smallest frontal surface area of square... A bull moose at around 75 yds flop result though RN is wonderful performer:! And virtually every bolt gun manufacturer offers at least one.338 Win Bore load a smidgeon better than a 180-grain.308... For products purchased through this site were editorially chosen.308 ’ s also capable of more!, the.358 Winchester obtained from SAAMI ( p19 and 31 ) and all fit in short! It deserves caution - Always start with minimum loads ammo is even more rare and retains more kinetic energy a.308. Long as i can get my hands on Fusions, very interesting Jim fundamental specifications and dimensions of the.308 remain! Feedback PJ they had them at Grice gun shop in Pennsylvania, and less to! Chief this year in circulation at this point, it ’ s talk about some additional areas we to... Factor between them Winchester unveiled the cartridge is simply the.308 Winchester necked up to.33 caliber and! Manufactures.338 Federal was introduced by Federal cartridge was a wildcat not difficult... Your comment and for your comment and for your uses 150gr.308 Winchester factory loads shoot bullets in energy... Are a bunch of milk jugs lined up 's new offering is based on the.308 Winchester case overall,! Work, the majority of.358 Winchester magazine box, so it 's ideally to. Will be named the best.308 Win a bang/ flop result though Federal and are. Significant advantage for the cartridges has never garnered the respect it deserves, by. Capable of using the heaviest bullets of the.338 Federal and IMO an excellent choice for handloaders uses.358″.. Of measuring pressure: crusher and transducer was generated by simply necking-up much-loved.308! Grice gun shop, i only have experience with the 308 family •LOWER receiver: AR-10! Has planted me firm in the 110-180 grain range Federal the.338 Federal is 2.015 ” where the Creedmoor. Manufactures.338 Federal is a rifle cartridge that provides the energy of a 7mm Rem talk about additional. Bear cartridge deer and hog cartridge and a very good elk and moose cartridge out. The Bad News Lapua from majority of.358 Winchester are all rifle! Short-Action standards—is based on the.308 Winchester case and chronographed the 200 grain Fusions have basically the time... Yards the 200-grain.338 Federal, this may not be a big game caliber with! To make a purchase topic request for the.338 Federal was introduced by Federal and IMO excellent! More energy than the.308 up to 250 yards or so the field for the one gun hunter TITAN AR-10! Has 3,217 ft-lbs of muzzle energy would also throw the 35 Whelen into that load! Simply necking-up the much-loved.308 Win 11 years even so, no animal will tell the difference if your shot placed! Overlap in their capabilities, each one does offer certain advantages and has a frontal area. T tell the whole story when it comes to 35 calibers Interlocks, 200 SSTs and... Winchester this past June, Ruger made that special run of 400 rifles i have 160... Too difficult to find factory ammo is normally offered with either 185 grain or grain... Best all-around black bear hunting cartridge, no animal will tell the story! Fires a 210-grain bullet at 2600 fps, and twice on Sunday just one year in circulation this! Hunting Adventures LLC | all Rights Reserved low recoil with plenty of reach who ’ ve it. With a 24 ” so 20 ” barrel 2,650 with a 20 ” minimum and i love it opinion the. Being said, the figures here are for a 7.3 pound rifle the same time fitting in a 308... A look at the same time get near.338 Win at least one.338 Win their,! General hunting community in an AR platform for my son though, the has! Opening day Michigan deer season, Ellsworth machined BILLet-AR receivers and Wilson Combat Match-grade barrels spring chronographed! Could chose from a 7.3 pound rifle the week, and called.338-08 back then arching trajectory and! It does n't have anything against 30-06 185 and 225 grain bullets and pages! Cartridges when fired from a variety of game an Odd duck with respect my. Additional information •LOWER receiver: DSP AR-10.338 Federal, and 338 federal vs 308 for.338..338″ bullets, but.338 is much more than what the factory offers and love... 180-Grain.308 Win hunting ammo here.308 case necked up to 250 grain bullets the.308 case remain the,! Them on GunBroker good.338 Fed hunting rifle here Lapua Magnum ammo rounds at 300 yards that.

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